From a good friend

How do you sleep at night, now your happy we killed him he was a wannabe ganker that was in your holding hands corp based in YesMrChan station , until someone popped it :blush:

And now your pleased he’s dead poor Roin abandoned by the people he looked up too. I hope he’s happy popping MTU somewhere and stays away from your toxic ways.

So is everyone a ganker spy to these people?

Nah, you obviously are not, just being a ganker shill for some unknown reason, though I prefer to use the word shrill it is more expressive.

I often wonder why lowsec PvP players like yourself suck up to gankers so much, scared of having your freighters ganked? Must be that, the difference between you and them is huge, they drop catalysts and you drop dreads, but you suck up to them.

Because they’re doing a service for the game! One I don’t want to do, but it needs to be done.

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A service to the game? Needs to be done?

Does this really move you to such a degree, that you think AG tags everyone as a ganker spy based on taking out a single ganker scout? Blimey!

Perhaps I am being a little unfair to you, I guess you mean that people who have found a very cost effective farming method in the game are doing a service because they are creating danger even in safer areas of space, and I assume that is what you deem as needs to be done.

Still dropping dreads is a lot more fun than running around in cheap Catalysts, Eve PvP is often about blobbing people anyway, so whatever…

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