From Extraction To Production: Update

Pick better locations to mine in. I use Hulks in lowsec. Its a quiet system so I have nothing to worry about. Be aware of the systems surrounds and what happens in the area. If I can use the better/faster mining ships I will, if I think I have a high chance of being ganked I switch to proc/skiff. It’s not difficult. You are just making it seem worse than it really is because you are so use to your carebear nullsec.

There is a huge difference between “AFK” and “Semi Passive”.

You obviously never mined before Rorqual/Orca changes [circa 2014].
But ok, define what you “think” afk mining is so I can clearly respond in context. To me it sounds like you don’t know what “AFK” game play is.

Not wanting to engage in a painful clickfest where you literally can’t take your eyes off your monitor/s for hours at a time isn’t fun or compelling game play.

Mining is probably next to gate camping a system with no traffic as far as tedium goes and CCP want to increase that by making the only viable way to mine even more click intensive.


I have an endurance and I get more in my hulk without bonuses than the endurance gives me. Ice is harvested by unit/cycle, but normal mining is by M3/sec If the Endurance was faster per cycle it might be a replacement candidate. The bottom line is Ice is needed for structure fuel and capital ship fuel. It will be more in demand as the number of structures goes up and the cap fleets get bigger.
The gap BTW mining frigates and specialized miners should be greater The cost is greater for the T2 Exhumers and they need to be better miners/harvesters.

Yes, I compared the Endurance to the Procurer, which is a more valid comparison as the price category and safety is alike.

As a Hulk mines much more than a Procurer, it also mines much more than an Endurance.

There is a significant gap in yield between expedition frigates and a Hulk. What I was talking about is the gap between mining frigates and the slower yield (non-Covetor) barges, that gap should exist, but shouldn’t be big. As there already is a big gap in yield between the slower yield barges and an exhumer like the Hulk, there certainly will be a gap in yield between the Hulk and expedition frigates. But CCP is aware of that gap.

They may not be aware of the gap in yield between Expedition frigates and barges, as they haven’t taken expedition frigates into account in their yield comparison graphs and have been talking about ‘yield buffs to barges’ while also reverting all changes to the mining frigates. That would increase the yield gap between barges and frigates, which I’m trying to avoid.

CCP Devs

Why do the Dev’s not go back to the specialized better performing exhumer strategy we had years ago?
One could specialize in ice, one for gas and one for ore? All can do all 3 but with less bonus for the other 2 types.
Remember when the Hulk had 3 strip miners and good bonuses for ore, the Mack/Skiff was an Ice Harvesting demon. now only the Hulk/Proc are a little better than the other 2. So in effect CCP should either do away with 3 ships of barges/Exhumers and have one ALL AROUND GOOD MINING CRUISER with T2 variant. and refund all mining barge and exhumer ships/bpo’s and bpc’s or just fix the nerfed miners. I like the Venture/Expedition Frigs, now make a cruiser equivalent and stop messing us around.

We want to mine/Harvest the most amount and be safe while doing it. IDC which path you take, but fix this mess you have left us with.

Thank you all for the great discussion and feedback so far.

The OP has been updated with the following information:

  • Mining Crystals stats have been updated
  • Inserted Note: On initial release Type C crystals will not trigger a PvP timer. This will be revisited after release.
  • Attributes & Bonuses for Barges/Exhumers have been published
  • Attribute changes for mining modules and drones have been published

Disclaimer: Singularity has not been updated with the above information yet.


Seriously you want to compare a T2 Frig with a Medium sized Mining ship? Where in Eve are Frigates equivalent to Battle Cruisers?

What I was talking about is getting mining fixed in the barge/exhumer class of ships. It is pathetic now. Almost as if it were deliberate.

If CCP wants to end all barges and upscale the Mining frigates to actual equivalency, I’m OK with that. Where they go from there is anybodies guess. Gankers will hate having to overcome the +2 to warp strength. and the quick align time of the frigs.
For serious fleet mining I want a Battle Cruiser equivalent Miner. If mining is going to be fixed do it right and with style and panash.

I never said they should be equivalent.

I just said the gap in mining yield shouldn’t become bigger.

Thank Goodness CCP doesn’t agree with you!

You feel strongly, I get it.

CCP Psych,

Do the graphs/values above show a greater difference between the ORE strip miners and T1/T2s? I still feel like the ORE should be significantly different from the two main line items as it is a faction module that is found is a very specific region of NPC nullsec. It should be great enough people want to use it for its price (similar to deadspace and officer mods)

You mean multiplying few times EHP of barges? No matter how much OP you gonna try to make module itself. isk/ehp will make it gank/hunter magnet anyway. Only useful situation would be mining under null safety. Which don’t need buff

I DID see that and I don’t even mine in null-sec. I took a quick look first and bought millions in heavy water. The next look I shifted all my training queue towards maxing barges and exhumers or mining crystals as my primary is not a maxed orca pilot. A deep look revealed that if ANYONE caught using the orca industrial core is as good as dead! If CCP pushes it through our corp will never install the core and accept that the orca will never mine just to keep them safe as best we can.

You are the moron for not understanding these change are benefit to null-sec and a hidden nerf to nearly everyone else!!!

What will you do when pyrite quadruples in price and trit doubles? No moon minerals and a sudden loss of mining output…

Worst waste aimed at new players I did mention and my orca 40% drop with the new core untill I seen the 5 min cool-down. Yea CCP cut it in half that is still death trap.

Cloaky camping can’t be stop here and add to that orca has battleship stats. Please go bastion up a marauder for an hour on a moon with a camper in system. Tell me how that goes

u are asuming in lowsec are capable of tacle something who is not close to a gate

witch is not the case

yeah i dont care both are CSM
and since both are only good for pvp or at shuld i said "sit 16h in a figth "

for me there are both the same and since nothing has chance in fact they nerf alot more things i have the rigth to post that quote a gain in the case some kid forget what they say when they start the scasity

What you published is woefully inadequate. You nerf the Rorqual and give a little more to the Porpoise/Orca but leave the mining barges and Exhumers out to dry? It is almost as if you like the status quo ante? Mining barges are at least cruiser equivalents and Exhumers should be their Battle Cruiser big cousins. You have plenty of room to fit big drone bays and can easily add slots/Power/CPU for drone Links and Drone Damage modules. Make the EHP acceptable with good resists. They are being designed for a contested environment in all security spaces, make them live up to the security commensurate with the danger they face everyday. Let the PVP people fight other PVPers.

I think you misunderstand how much space is given over to resource extraction equipment and holds.

That’s not how EVE works. Everyone in space is fair game.

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Will the ICE hold on the ORCA get a 5% bonus to ship cargo and ore hold capacity? Under industrial command ships bonuses! It should if your adding that extra cargo hold right

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well fair? 2 years with out pve content is fair?
2 dam years of pvp minin events and 2 dam years of nerfs

literaly they only buff one thing and it was the dps of misils and stil are useles

is far i know this “game” thing is a MMO not PVP server from a dead game but ccp dont stop act like one

Your assistants are people who have never played on ships, above the subcapital class. Some youtubers and podcasts. From time to time they sit down on the dreadlocks to demonstrate something in terms of pvp and nothing else. Have you ever shown one podcast to a farming supercar or a dreadlocked one? You don’t understand anything at all, but most likely you understand everything and want to collect all the players in highsec, is it also better to control and deal with the mechanics of the game?