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Good answer. Pity it in no way addresses the context of my post.

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An orca can go untouched for over an hour and still be mining.

That’s not even on a moon rock. That’s rocks from hi-sec belts.


i generally agree that AFK is very hard to pull off in high sec in an Orca. The rock sizes are so small that if you asign 1 drone to 5 different rocks on a good day you can maybe get 10-15 minutes before having to tell a drone to hit the next rock. On a bad day it can be less than 5 minutes on the regular.

Obviously different if we are talking ice or moons or whatever. On standard belts you cant be AFK for any meaningful amount of time without having idel drones.


I agree, that’s the more constructive attitude… BUT. those who don’t think like you or are just trying to chill on a new space game while not at work or family and are blown up to pieces ( ok so far) and then is griefed over and over, guess what he will do? Yep find another game. Would not be wiser to ccp to attend to both public and by that increase ppl who actually stay at the game more than few weeks? Also what thrust a game will pass on new players if on the rules are written " you can be scamed and that’s legal( and even encouraged)?

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I see what you mean - apologies.

Not very hard at all.

It’s not going to be particularly hard for any larger mining ships to out perform a Rorqual with the current proposed changes, with it’s yield getting nerfed and everything else ultimately getting buffed, even the Hulk looks like its going to out perform the Rorqual under ideal conditions, including getting Roqual boosts.
I do believe the proposed concept of compression taking ages and being really slow is already getting reconsidered, IF… compression is at a state where an orca and Rorqual is capable of compressing the ore intake of fleets they are designed to support, then that would be a major boon for introducing larger mining ships who can outmine the nerfed Rorquals, while the Rorquals can actually compress the amount of ore thats incoming.

if you think a high sec rock in a belt is going to take 35mins for one drone to mine then we live in different realities. Maybe in a porpoise with literally no drone skills.

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Listen. It’s all a matter of perspective, From your POV i may look afk, you might think damn he’s been mining that one asteroid with his one drone for over an hour now , he’s afk for sure. Why is my yield just not good enough that it takes me this long to mine an asteroid ? If i was in a rorqual with excavator drone 2 pass and no more asteroid , would you be considering me afk then ? Not my fault if the yield of the mining drone was so low. Now it’s going to be even lower! and they boosted the quantity of ores available in the asteroids! it’s over we’re all doomed.

From my POV, send my 5 drones , watch a stream on my 2nd monitor while glancing at my orca from time to time , then i noticed an asteroid just pop , check local it’s all good, i lock a new asteroid , send my drone to it , rescan. what you may perceive as taking hours for me it’s like 15 mins tops.

Thanks for your response, Safira. I get that not everyone is like me, and so will feel differently.

I also think that there is no right to have your personal characteristics taken into account by game designers. They may do so; they don’t have to do so.

From what I know of it, The Sims is not a game I would play, for it doesn’t permit me to strike other players over the head, or to scam them. Should I install the game, play it, and try to convince the designers that they should incorporate my wishes into the next patch?

There’s a lot of talk on these forums about declining numbers of players. No player has access to the figures or, more importantly, the reasons why players leave. It’s pointless to speculate even, let alone to assert confidently that scamming, etc., are the driving factors.

There are other good games out there; I play two or three of them myself!

Oh that is so not true, I made a new sim boy with a nice waifu we got married the wedding was fantastic , we got a child together i got to name my child was really sweet… I then noticed something very strange… my child was using my neighbor Last name… every night from that point onward my wife was sleeping at my neighbor’s house… while i took care of the kid…

That was the last time i played The Sims. EvE scam is not even close to that kind of scam , i got scared forever from that one moment.


You probably know this, but for anyone else looking at this KM, there is no reason to ever die in a pod in hi sec or low sec. There are no bubbles in low sec, and nothing that can lock you. The only thing that can kill you are smart bombs, which are present in very, very few systems. If you have a string of hi sec jumps, with one low sec in the middle, that’s where the smart bombs will be.

When you jump into that system, don’t warp to the gate, warp to a moon or belt ( not the sun) that is off line between the gates, then warp to your out gate. The different angle will cause you to miss the smartbomb camp.

I think for barges things shuld be like

Procurer >>> Retriever > Covetor

Because Procurer is supposed to be super tanky.

Ore Capacity
Retriever >>> Procurer > Covetor

Because Retrivers should be have giant ore holds.

Covetor >>> Retriver > Procurer

Because Covetors are supposed to be paper thin but have good yield.

So I’m opposed to adding a low to the Procurer since that means they can get the same yield as a Retriver.

I’m opposed to removing the Procuer’s tank because that’s supposed to be it’s role.

I’m fine with barges as they are right now. Well maybe the BCs could be a bit cheaper. I do wish the ORE strip miner was better, and I wish they’d just make it mine as fast as 3.1 Tech IIs instead of “oh look we’re adding waste and ORE doesn’t do that”

Adding a mid to the Retriver… if that’s all they’re doing I guess that’s OK.

If they absolutely insist on giving the Covetor another mid and removing mids form the Procurer, I’d suggest giving Covetor and Retriver a 2nd Mid, removing the 4th from the Procurer but not giving it a low. Instead increase hull HP so that a Procurer with a Damage Control II and reinforced bulkhead in low and 3 Transeverse Bulkheads in Rigs with 4 shield tanking modules in mids pre-patch and one post-patch (minus one mid module) have the same EHP. So it keeps the tank, but any Procurer using a point now only has 2 tanking mids left. And then have “-70% PG requirement for afterburners” on all barges.

yeah i thought of that after the incident , but then again if they sit on the gate and the range of the smart bomb is 7.5km , shouldnt that still hit me no matter from which angle i come in?

You lost your cognitive grip on the discussion. Or, as some might say, over your head.

It is a good point, and i agree, but I’m more pointing about the griefing part, and their lack of concern about it on new players. Also the lack of attitude from ccp against that .

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…Which is why I would welcome your further input, Hans.

Give it to me in bitesize chunks so that we can all drink at the fountain of your undoubted wisdom.

I’m waiting…

An AFK, that’s someone in the food chain even I can take out.

We both got our say. You obviously are not satisfied and if I were you, I might feel the same. Your original points in my opinion were farcical ; I treated them that way and so did others. Now you want to reset the table and argue some more. That time has past, I’m on to other things.

Happy Thanksgiving.

With the new crystals, which one is used for high-sec moons, low and null?