From Extraction To Production: Update

test server is a mess and this update seems to get worse the more I read about it… I think the past year or two are going to feel like a golden age compared to the coming year


some of us were laughing about the increased mass of the barges, and then the multiple ore holds as a likely cause. begs the question, was the mass increase intentional, and if so, why>
whats the point of the multiple ore holds. i can remember the last time i mined ice and veldspar at the same time. oh wait, my ore hold currently holds both types. another round of raucous laughter ensues, coding for no reason that we can comprehend. please explain the positive value in mass increase or multiple ore holds on the miner (how about multiple ore holds on the hauler? oh wait, they can already haul multiple ore types)


I stated clearly:
Should vets get more ore in the same amount of time as a noob would get? ABSOLUTELY - that’s why we invest in skilling and in better gear.
Should noobs burn through more ore than a vet in the same amount of time? Absolutely not!, it’s senseless if they did.

In that sense, “more efficient” could only mean time efficiency. Thus, A crystals reduce cycle duration (much like some scripts reduce cycle duration between 2 shots, thus increasing overall damage in a given amount of time). B crystals would increase yield, but maybe with a penalty to cycle duration - better damage per shot, but at the cost of longer times between shots. Think of artillery (B crystals) with better alpha over hybrid maybe (A crystals).

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@CSM - if CCP wants to melt asteroids, just turn them destructible and the good people of EVE will shoot them out of the grid in no time.

Just a guess, but if the Rorqual gains an ability to jump a fleet of mining ships around, the mass of the ships will likely be part of the calculated fuel cost. While that capability is still in development, adjusting the mass may be associated with work on that feature.

Moon Mining section of the OP has been updated.

The original change to remove the rest of the basic minerals from moon ore is confirmed.
Additionally, R4 will get the following materials:

Water Oxygen Bacteria Proteins
Bitumens 83
Brimful Bitumes 96
Glistening Bitumens 166
Coesite 166
Brimful Coesite 192
Glistening Coesite 332
Sylvatite 156
Brimful Sylvatite 180
Glistening Sylvatite 312
Zeolites 208
Brimful Zeolites 240
Glisteing Zeolites 416

Let the tears flow I guess.

Going to be a very unpopular final decision.


Could you give us any insight to the reason for this change?


You do realize that the main problem of basic PI stuff isn’t available quantity, but volume?


@CCP_Swift @CCP_Psych @CCP_Dopamine

Please do not add PI material to R4 moon ore. That is by far the absolute worst idea out of any ideas thrown around for this upcoming patch!

If you want to change R4 moon ore, I recommend removing the minerals, doubling/tripling the R4 goo and then reducing/removing R4 from R8+ ores.

PI comes from planets not their moons. Please don’t make this awful change come true.


@CCP_Psych Wrong change. Do not do this. It will totally screw up the market for these p1s and make it totally worthless to try and produce them through normal pi methods. All you literally needed to do was to increase the r4 goo from the ore in exchange of for the minerals. Adding pi to them beyond brain dread.


Exactly!! What reason do I have to use my 6-12 planets to produce P1s when now I can just go mine (takes more time sure but okay) and get P1s plus R4…
Utterly terrible change and from what I understand the CSM has been trying to advocate for a push in something similar to what we keep repeating


So, this needs an old fashioned response



Then you’re not getting my point, nor the point of the waste mechanic.

Efficiency is not time efficiency. Yield is time efficiency. Efficiency is decoupled from yield in the waste mechanic, but is the same thing as yield in your suggestion.

Waste allows players to choose between efficiency and yield. Your suggestion doesn’t do that.

Why would you add PLANETARY Interaction materials to a MOON CHUNK that sat in space for weeks and was sterilized by not only the stellar radiation but also the gun fire blasting the chunk out of the moon and to bits? Would you please stop throwing around these hilarious ideas and explain the reasoning?



Unfortunately, the days when CCP added tools to the game instead of directly changing play styles are dead.


This seems about as well thought through as the other changes so at least the stupidity is consistent.


This is just pure idiocy.

The issue with PI materials is not one of a lack of supply sources, but instead one of the ability to move it around to produce, when it takes a full freighter or more to move the amount of water needed for single dreads and carriers to be built, you have a problem.

Adding this into moon ores will not help alleviate that problem as it will just end up as more trash sitting in random hangers, instead maybe consider lowering the volume of PI materials or giving us ships that can move even larger amounts of PI than we can now.

Then to top it off maybe make the PI setup and interactions less mind numbingly boring.

Yours Truly, someone who runs a PI farm with 75+ Characters


another reason why not anchor athanor in highsec… athanor prices will go down even more and what worse,there will be mass unanchoring/abandonment i cant belive that ccp decided to kill another gameplay style and has eoungh courage to remove moon basic minerals. this change is as bad as removal of 2 mid slots from procurer


@CCP_Psych I’d strongly suggest taking a step back and looking at the higher-level problem. It’s not that we need more PI… I don’t think CCP has been using the levers it has correctly to adjust things… and this is making the problem worse. You want to be able to control the cost of things so we don’t end up with super-cheap titans again. Great goal. But the lever in place for that is capital component costs. Don’t mix PI into this mess, it’ll throw other things out of balance.