From Extraction to Production

The spreadsheet lists Indy core 1 as having a 100% bonus to drone mining yield, instead of 400%, but the T2 lists the new as still being 500% with no value for the old, did someone accidentally drag a cell here and overwrite the “new” value with the old?


The Mining Burst strength for the new T1 industrial core is also the same as for the current one ingame.

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cost of ships will go up, its the rorq’s that have been getting the resources needed to build everything.


So you put ice at 200% more in a cluster, but a rorqual or orca now produces 1 waste per excavator coming back and also introducing a loss when compressing it. So what you actually mean is Ice Belts now only contain 75% of the value before.


not sure how that works 1 waste per excavator as they only mine 1 per anyways

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Not to mention that from the looks of things people who mine with lower-tier mining lasers will have a negative effect on the yield of everyone else in the area, unless I’m misreading.

This definitely won’t massively increase the amount of toxcicity in the game! Mechanics where your weakness has a significant detrimental effect on everyone else around you don’t produce horribly toxic communities. That’s why MOBAs are paragons of excellent communities.

EDIT: Yeah, no, that’s exactly how this works. Your yield is the same but you get “extra” resources that just disappear from the asteroid. Meaning if you have people that are mining with T1 lasers they’re reducing the total amount that everyone can mine.



So people will likely buy injectors to move to higher Tier mods or sell plex to fund their new modules…


**Hulk is now on the spreadsheet, removing comment

looking at the spreadsheet Ice Excavators will be equal to Hulk fitter Ice miners

As a heavy industrialist with an interest in things… the changes aren’t perfect but they are still massive and I feel largely will have a positive impact. @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Rattati , consider this space ■■■■■ impressed and optimistic


aha this

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Hello!! :raising_hand_man:

Awesome that belts are getting bigger. Rocks could be bigger too.

Boo! higher resists for barges. Yay extra mid for rettie.

Don’t know about waste. Let’s see.


REMOVE this ■■■■ from Battleships and Faction ships
not six months from now, ■■■■■■■ yesterday


Dang dude, y’all been a little busy. Looks super interesting. Two unclear questions from reading the blog post:

  1. Is ice no longer 1 cycle = 1 unit? It used to be pretty fundamental that way. The very first Mining Waste example with Blue Ice implies this is changing, but it is never explicitly mentioned in the blog post.
  2. The post mentions “high waste mining of opponents’ resources via updated mining crystals that increase harvesting at the cost of increased waste” which seems like Type B (increased yield at cost of increased waste), and Type A is your “regular” crystal. So what is Type C for with bad yield and even higher waste designed for? If the goal is economic warfare, it sounds slower than mining with Type B and just deleting ore from your hold.



Its so great to know that you continue to force solo people away from mining, you basically gave us double the possible ore but worse ability to mine it. Rorqs better drop down to like 3 bil fully fitted because they are basically an orca now. Solo players can skill into a barge in like 20 days and that’s all you wanna give them to aspire to? nice. Good to know I basically hit the ceiling right away and cant do any better as a solo player, thanks for the further punishment


honestly impressive however low the bar is set you manage to go lower ccp
what ever little reason people had to log in and undock is slowly being stripped away by you


And not to mention the prices of ice materials. When they finally brought ice back to nullsec it prices dropped almost 50% due to the influx of way more ice. So if that happens again whos going to waist time mining ice anymore. Man CCP you need to pull your heads out of your asses.


While you’re reworking the expedition frigates, can you go ahead and hit that “allowed to fit industrial cyno” checkbox like you did for the t1 venture.


So it took years to get in a rorqual with max skills, I invest in a fleet of rorquals and now any small ship with max skills with outmine a rorqual… are you kidding? do you have any respect for our time and all the investment we made?

Drone Ice Harvesting Speed Bonus -20 -75 -30 -80

It goes from 75% to 20%! Really!

This is a f***k you to all the rorquals pilots! No respect for the players at all.


But now you have less ice in a belt when you mine and compress with a rorqual…

For each unit you mine with ice excavators you also mined 1 waste . Which means the 200% of ice available is back to normal. If you now compress said mined ice you lose another 21% …So overall less ice in a belt.