From Extraction to Production

I also don’t want to spend 7 hours sitting next to an Athanor hit the compressor button every 4.5minutes.

From the dev blog:

Compression in stations will have a different efficiency depending on the type of resource that is being compressed, except moon compression will not be available. Compression will still be instantaneous but will be less efficient than in-space compression.

You won’t have to wait if compressing in stations

I’m a bit confused, with the waste factor. Is that on top of the reprocessing efficiency? In other words, will the reprocessing now be 100%?

If not we get a double penalty from mining?


They want the “common” minerals, and by extension t1 hulls to be even cheaper than they are so maybe players will see them as more disposable/easily replaceable and take more risks with them.

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Is the endurance meant to have 1 turret slot still? Based on the new bonuses it looks like it should have 2 like the Prospect, but currently it has 1 on the test server. With one turret it mines less than half of a Venture now.

No, that’s not how the math works on this. Once you factor in everything (ore hold sizes, drone travel time, warping to athanor to dump fuel, etc) 1 pre-nerf Rorq = 2 post nerf Hulks (if you have boosts). So to replace the yield from 1 Rorq, you still need that Rorq + two alts in Hulks. The Hulks will be BLOPs hunted and you’ll eventually down ship to procurers to replace losses easier and will need more alts. It’s cash grab requiring mining to use stupid amounts of multiboxing to achieve the same ISK / hr they can now. Without subbing more accounts mining makes HALF what it currently does. Do the math or find someone like Angry Mustache that did if you can’t.

Cool. Also from the Blog and from multiple CSMs: Only Rorqs can compress Moon Goo. Please do your homework.

Thank you all for the feedback so far. Keep it coming. We did push everything to the test server for a reason!

Below you can see a non-exhaustive list of things we will be looking into immediately (well from Monday on):

• Revisiting all cycle times for all compression modules
• Reducing the Orca Industrial Core cycle duration
• All Waste Probabilities will be revisited. We will be looking into using the same profile for drones as in modules
• Ways to bring back gas harvesting bonuses to frigates. This might have a further effect of introducing Barges/Exhumers gas bonuses
• Potential increase of fitting attributes for Barges/Exhumers
• Adjusting the Porpoise main and specialized holds
• What the implication would be if we allow moon ore compression with a 90% efficiency in structures
• Adding a PvP timer when Type C crystals are used in highsec.
• Changing the pre-requisites for Gas/Ice compression skills
• Potential increase of high slots for the Orca and the Porpoise

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

• We haven’t made a decision yet if waste should be taken into account in the industry index calculations. Feel free to discuss pros and cons in this thread.
• Mining Missions will be addressed before release. Finalizing quantities will be determined by where we will end up on the waste probabilities profile for T1 modules.


You were veering off, far from base, and responding to me as though I’d said or implied things I never did. You still are. Seems little point in continuing.

The waste comes from the asteroid, not what you harvest.

With t1 strip miners or lasers, or mining drones, the waste is 100%. If an asteroid is 1,000 m3 that means you will end up with 500m3 and 500m3 will be lost as “space dust” (If my math is correct.)

If your module mines 100 m3 per cycle, you still get the 100 m3 in your ore hold at the end of each cycle, but 100m3 is lost from the asteroid. But, they are doubling the size of the asteroids.

This is understanding of it at least.

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some math for mining


And yet, you continue.

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I would like to say thank you for listening to us. Even if not all the changes to the plan we’ve posted here are acted on, you are at least showing that you are willing to listen. That’s what we’re asking for, so again, thank you.


Clearly you have not properly listened. Rorquals are still being hit hard, And why should my 10b investment, 5 min pin cycle, And 6 - 9 months training mine LESS than a Covetor that takes 2 weeks to train and is 50m…


I am looking forward to watching all the Type-C miners getting CONCORDed due to PvP timers - it will be hilarious.

Fantastic suggestion, really well thought-out, it totally didn’t take 30 seconds for that issue to spring to mind.


Give us a reason to use rorquals. Or at least offer skill point refunds.


PLEASE, PLEASE give the Primae a BETTER buff! The Endurance is faster, tankier, and MORE CARRY CAPACITY than the Primae under the current spreadsheet!


A pleasure to see these additional changes and adjustments @CCP_Psych , thank you for bringing them forward, and I look forward to more. Keep pushing, keep taking things into account, but keep seeing it through.

5.995 to 2.520 :grimacing: Thats really painful to whatch.

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The fuel bay is already in the orca changes

Not sure what all that was about. You appear to be responding to imaginary words I never said, while quoting ones I did say like they’re the same thing.

Irrelevant, since the definition of efficiency will now change.

Irrelevant. I don’t care what benefits them, or whether what they believe is true or false. You seem to have me confused with them. If they’re wrong about it hurting them, go tell them that if it bothers you that they misunderstand. Again, you’re acting like you’re responding to me, but are basically just sounding off on a straw man of your imagination.

Rorq, maybe, I haven’t really looked at the rorq because I don’t care about it. Your point on this one may well be valid, but it’s best directed elsewhere, than at me.

The Orca is fine with the compact core mod. It’s not crippled at all.

As for your specific playstyle and all that stuff about range, I already addressed that previously, which you’re just ignoring. Not everyone is going to find it as difficult to adapt as you, or come to the same conclusions.

When people start going in circles like this, it’s time to close off. Thank you for your replies. It’s a shame we couldn’t see eye to eye, but that tends to happen if you ignore what they say and just project on to them. Have a good evening. :heart:

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