From Federation to the royal houses of the Khanid Kingdom!

This is the real life story of me, a simple men named as Ceaser who becomes a capsuleer (nicknamed as Fizy45) and how I found myself in a situation of claming a regional royal title in Amaar Empire. My story starts in the streets of Osmeden and ends at the royal palaces of the Khanid Kingdom.

OOC Note: Sorry for my English this is best I can do I hope you can enjoy it I will post other chapters within days.


Story of a innocent men and his family

A child of a business men and a engineer mother I grew up on Osmeden without knowing where I truly belong and who my father Ronget Clenius truly is. As the only children of my family I lived a happy life and educated at best schools. When I become a teenager I begin dreaming of having a corporation which builds ships for the capsuleers. My mother was supporting me on these ideas but my father always refused my future plans. He wanted me to stay at Osmeden all the time and take over the family business when the time is right. I never understand why he was so afraid of me going to the stars but I obeyed him as any child should do and started working with him after graduating from the Universty.

I thought that I am gonna have a ordinary life like many Gallentean citizens but everything changed when I was 24 years old. During a holiday at dinner time an unknown men entered our house and killed my family and my beloved girlfriend whom I saw as my future wife. Luckly for me one our neighbors rushed into our compound after hearing the shots and managed delay the killer for a short time. I have managed to escape with a wounded arm and while fleeling from the house I saw the killer running away as well. After spending some time at the hospital I vowed to find the killer of my loved ones so I went to the security forces. The local authorities promised to find the killer but after 6 months of waiting and absolutly zero results I have decided to take matters in my hand. By using my fathers Corporation funds I hired some of the best freelancers and even some merceneries to track the killer.

After couple weeks of waiting my sources hinted me to a possible men who might have a knowlage about the killer and his motives. With the merceneries I hired earlier I smashed his compound in the slums and take out his guards quickly as possible. That day was the first time I actually killed person. After a quick interegation the men we came for accepted to speak. He said killer came from the Amaar Space and bought some guns and information about my family. He insisted that he took no part in the assult on my house and knows nothing more and begged for his life only to receive a bullet to his head. My life as a normal person was over anyways.

Journey to the Stars

After the execution I returned my home for the first time to think about my future. I was a broken men who lost everyone I cared for. I knew the life on the Osmeden wont be the same for me ever again. I had to find that person and learn why he traveled so far to kill me and my family. But as a planet born human I knew that even with my father’s wealth it was an impossible task for a ordinary human beign to venture deep into the stars and found an unkown person. For couple weeks I wonder around the city like dead men who doesnt know what to do with his life. Then I saw a billboard about becoming a capsuller. Without a second thought I went to the medical facility and entered a gene test. When I learned that my genes are suitable for becoming a capsuller I didnt hesitated. I sold my father’s company to the highest bidder and transfered my money to a intergalactic space bank to use my funds later on. Then I entered the training program to become a capsuleer. It was harsh it was though but I managed to finish it in expected timeline. I have become a capsuleer.

When woke in my clone at space my first act is to use my wealth to buy a capable ship to begin my journey. Because of their inabiltiy to find my families killers and other political reasons I left the Gallente space as soon as possible. I worked for some Nullsec corporations and Caldari State while expanding my knowlage about from space battles,diplomacy and trading. After 5 years of working as a freelancer capsuleer I have finnaly felt ready to venture into Amaar space and find the killer and learn the names of his masters.

By using my new funds which I earned during my capsuleer days it was not that hard for me to find new sources to give me the information I need. The man I was looking for came from the Khanid Kingdom from a system known as Sazre. I disguise myself as a capsuleer trader and entered into Amaar territory and went on the capital sytem of the Khanid Kingdom. I set up a local Corporation which trades planetery goods and begin investing on nearby systems mainly the Sazre and the planet called as Cesera. During my first months I focused on working and information gathering among Khanids.I learned a lot about the fascinating history of the Amaar Empire and the Khanid Kingdom. I kept my Gallentean heritage mostly hidden due to political reasons and used my Caldari contancts to meet with new people. As a Gallentean I expected to feel terrible among the Amarians but somehow I felt secure I felt at home.

After six months I finnaly managed to track down exact whereabouts of the killer and decided to make a move. But there was one problem. The men who killed my loved ones was working as the head security officer for one of the royal families in the system. It was clear that the plot to kill me and my family had something to do with local politics and I knew that I had to infiltrate the royal house first in order to learn the true motives of the killer and his overlords.

The Path to the Royal House

In order to infiltrate the royal house first I moved my corp hq into Sazre system and establish contact with the royal house for trade agreement. At first finding a common ground with representives of the Royal House was hard but after offering huge sums of profit the royal house granted me some rights to import and export goods from the planet. I have transfered my trading assets from Khanid Prime to the target planet and began my trading runs. I kept my profits as low as possible and made sure that my business brings huge profits to the royal house. With this way in a matter of weeks my relations with the planet’s authorities skyrocketed. At the end of the first month I have received warm message from the planetside. The message contained flattering words to my business model and news about a delegation visit to my HQ which was located on the main space station. I quickly sent a short but warm reply begin to prepere for the delegations arrival.

The delegation was probably expecting a cold and boring meeting with a Caldari Capsuleer but as soon as they landed on station they were treated like kings and various luxury goods given to them as gifts. After warm meeting at the docks I took the delegation to HQ personally and our meeting lasted for couple of hours. During the meeting future plans of investing more into plantery trade, new job oppurtunities for citizens belongs to diffrent classes and better invesments were the main topic of the meeting. I made sure that delegation felt happy and succesful in everyway.

After the meeting I insisted going to a dinner in the most luxurious restaurant of the space station. Some members of the delegation (pious one’s mostly) kinda hasitated and stated their wish to return back to the planet but my good attitude, promises of insane profits and the good mood in the air kept them on the station. What they didnt know that restaurant bought by me couple days ago and prepering for their arrival since then. The food was carefuly chosen from the Khanid cusine and many diffrent tastes from various planets served as deserts along with the most expensive alcoholic drinks ever found in the Khanid Kingdom.

After two hours even the most pious Amerians in the delegation begin to shout,laugh and drank like a commoners. They were all drunk and talking mostly ideological stuff about Amarian greatness,slaves etc. Seeing that everything going according to my play I have approched to the head of the delegation with a big smile and a bottle of super quality wine in my hand and invited him to a private meeting at the lounge tables located at the top. When we first met at the docks that men introduced to me as the only living relative (cousin) of the high lord in the royal house, so I know that he is the right men for the job. By using my social neural enhancements to the maximum level I have entered a very friendly conversation with him and with the help of the wine he begin to open up more and more. He begin to trash talk about his overlord and his stupity while claming himself be a much better ruler compared to him. For two hours we talked about planatery politics and while I was learning every bit of information from him (including that he slept with the High Lords dauther) he just kept trash talking his overlord over and over again.

He just kept talking more and more until alcohol stopped him doing so. The whole delegation was too drunk to make any kind of planetfall at that moment so I ordered my men to carry them to a hotel nearby. Also paid some isk to their slaves to watch over their masters and let my men know when they woke up. After that I have returned my HQ and begin to wait for their return to the planet. Approximetly 10 hours later I have received word that delegation was on the move to the docks. I jumped on my speeder and managed to reach to the docks couple of minutes before them.

When they entered the docks they saw me working on some manifests about the planetery trade so nobody bothered to ask any questions. All members of the delegate thanked me for the great trade agreements we made and the dinner we had last night. Only the head of the delegation felt worried so I took few steps to towards him in order to talk. His guards immedietly stooped me reaching to him and he just walked away to the ship by just saying a cold goodbye. He probably remembered the stuff he talked last night and he was showing his teeth at the moment. Poor men had no idea that everything he said yesterday was recorded by me.

To be continuted…



Landing on the planet

Two days after the delegations departure I have sent a urgent message to the head of the delegation about a fake pirate attack on planetery convoy’s and a loss of millions of isk and stated that I wish to talk to him on my private channel in order to keep this incident hidden from the public. I have recevied a very short message stating that he accepted my request and we agreed to have a private video conferance urgently.

The contact between mine and his systems were established and his video feed begin to show on my screen. He was definelty waiting for my face to show up on his but instead a video feed of him talking about his overlord and his adventures with his dauther are shown to him. For 10 minutes he just watched about the stuff he talked couple nights earlier while I was enjoying his painful face on my screen. Then I cut the connection but not before sending a text message to him via private network. The text message I sent was clear and short.

“You have only 4 hours to reply or everyone in Khanid Kingdom will know what kind of a disqusting men you are. Send me the schematics of the royal palace and leave the state while taking as many guards as you can with you. Do not think about returning until I say so.”

Two hours later a message including the schematics of the palace and a very detailed explanation of his departure from the palace (including guard numbers and even gun types) arrived to my systems. Without losing any time I have given order to my guards and the Mercenery army which was rented by me yesterday begin to make preperations for the planetfall. I had only one aim in my mind. Infiltrate the palace find the men who killed my family,make him talk and also kill whoever send him to Osmeden in first place. Attacking a Khanid Royal House will probably gonna cause me some problems in the future but as a capsuleer I have delt with much worse problems so I didnt cared about the consuqences.

Me,my guards and the mercenery army (little more than thousand men) all boarded a trade shuttle and left the station. While our ship was begining to ascend on the planet I have selected 10 merceneries and 5 of my guards as the main infiltration group. The rest of the army was going to stay at the ship without showing themselves unless I told them so. We all switched our weapons to “stun” mode (in order to avoid more future problems) and waited for the landing at the docks. Luckly for us the Royal Palace was really close to our landing zone and we were coming in at very late night time. The ship we were using were carrying basic food provisions (terrible food for matar slaves on planet) so the docks are going to be quiet and it was very unlikely that anyone will check the ship more than a minute. After all Amarians despise their slaves soo much that they probably wont even bother to check what they are gonna eat anyways.

At 04:07 eve time our ship touched down to the landing pad and just as I expected we were greeted by couple of dock workers accompanied with only two sleepy guards. After a very short and hasty inspection our pilot were told to wait for the morning for unloding. We have waited little more just to be sure and left the ship under the cover of the darkness.

The Truth Always Comes Out

Me and my team of 15 men moved carefully inside the docking area. Under the cover of darkness it was not that much of a hard task for us. When we reached the exit area couple of dock workers and slaves who was bribed by me days ago were waiting for us. With their help we easly bypassed the dock security and managed to reach our speeders. After that it only took us little more than 10 minutes to reach palace gates. We made sure that our weapons are switched to stun mode and headed for the second gate just located near a beatiful lake and a waterfall. The sound of the waterfall surpassed the roaring engines of our speeders easly so the guards had no chance hearing us until we were 10 meters away from the gates.

With light speed reactions my mercenaries managed to stun the guards waiting outside and we easly passed trough the doors and entered the palace gardens. The trees were huge and garden was filled with exotic animals came from all New Eden. According to the schemetics sent to us earlier the security office located at the main building near the Overlords meeting hall so we moved there without losing time. Palace was definelty underguarded due to the actions of the Lord’s cousin early on and we only see four more guards on our way there who were stunned by our weapons in seconds. The men who killed my family was couple minutes away from me.

All of my life’s work, the pains I suffer and the memories of my family begin to fill my brain. The time for the revenge finally arrived .If I didnt had my neural enhancements plugged in I would probably lost myself at that moment an begin charging towards the building like a mad men.Luckly I kept myself under control and we reached the door of the head security officer. The door was locked but we had the universal code (another gift from the Lords cousin) so we sneaked in without triggering any alarm or waking up the person inside.

With a quick hand gesture I ordered my guards to halt near to door while I was going for the sleeping men inside the room. I grabbed him with my full strength while covering his mouth with my hand. There was no mistake his green eyes filled with terror and shock. The very same eyes looked down upon me at Osmeden years back it was him. I took out a shocking device and electrify him couple of times just enough to make him feel powerless but not enough to faint him. I needed him alive just for couple of minutes. I gave him a special interegation injection which I salvaged from a Guristas pirate ship in order to save time. The injection worked in seconds and the men who killed my family fallen on his knees waiting to answer all of my questions.

  • Why did you traveled all the way from Khanid Kingdom to Gallante space ?
  • To kill the men named as Ronget Clenius and his family.
  • Who gave you the order of such atrocity ?
  • The men I serve High Lord Armivar Clentin.
  • Why he did such thing what he has to with a ordinary Gallente Businessmen ?
  • He wanted to remove his brother presence and secure his throne.
  • The man you killed was a Gallentean businessmen dont lie to me.
  • The men I killed was the brother of high lord Clentin exiled from planet Sazre 20 years ago.

I was shocked and stunned by the truth. I always knew that my families murder had to do something with the local politics but I never expected to learn about the true heritage of my father. My family told me that they were Gallenteans and I was coming from a family who lived on Osmeden for centruies. A sudden thought hit my brain if they lied about such an important thing then how many more lies were told to me and why my father was living in the Gallante Space instead of being in Khanid Kingdom. I knew that my questions can only be answered by my treacherous uncle Clentin who was also sleeping in his chambers couple hundred meters away so I decided that its best for me to pay him a visit. I put my gun into the killer’s mouth and shot him once. Although it was still set to stun mode from that close to his head the shockwave of the probably melted his brain instantly.

I ordered my men to gather up and told them that we are moving in for the High Lord also signalled the remaning merceneries at the docks and warned them to be ready just in case. We left the corpse inside the room and begin our advace trough the main hall towards the High Lords chamber. We took out 6 more guards silently and in couple of minutes managed to reach to the main building. But there was one huge problem. There were more than 20 guards located at diffrent positions around the High Lords chambers and there was no way for us to continue our silent approch. Even we can manage to deal with some of the guards it was %100 clear that alarms will be set on and our way out will be blocked my hundreads of guards in minutes .I realized that in order to get to him we needed to enter open combat. I signaled rest of my merceneries waiting at the docks and give them one clear order “Leave the ship take out any guards you see at the docks and storm the palace we are waiting for you” this was no longer an infiltration mission. it was an invasion…

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