From the Kybernauts of New Eden to The Triglavian Collective

Please stop trying to defend us. You’re just making us look bad by associating us with your bigotry.

Defend whom? You? What made you think that by pointing on Edencom’s incompetence I was defending you? Pathetic. The world isn’t centered on you, keep that in mind. You’re a minor stain on our cluster and we will take you down as soon as we finish with more serious existential threat - Gallentean Federation.

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What’s really funny is that the only variable that changed from the mostly successful system defenses to the utter debacle of the State’s losses… was the Caldari Navy. Sure doesn’t look like it was Edencom that was incompetent.

Run out of star systems to lose to the Trigs?

OH NO! A merc is threatening to lose more star systems at me!

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Yes, the Navy did fail.

You of all people would know the whims of fate in combat though. Doctrines don’t account for every eventuality. Our Navy’s focus and specialization against the other Empires left a glaring weakness when it came to fighting the Triglavians, and it cost us. As did the unwillingness or inability of our baseline admirals and command structure to adapt with the speed that was needed.

It was a surprise attack by entirely unknown forces, supported by traitorous capsuleers, especially from m Nullsec. It was a tragedy, and tragedies happen. The most we can do is move on and try to learn from things.

((Ooc: and also blame CCP. Grr CCP))

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Yup. And that last, most of all. At no point did the majority of the Caldari response make use of the ships that would have worked just fine. At no point did they stop focusing all of the ECM in the fleet on a single ship at a time, thus guaranteeing that ship went effectively unjammed.

It was not. None of the ships the Triglavian fleets used were new. None of their capabilities were new. The fact that capsuleers flying against the Trigs—myself included—were able to be successful immediately demonstrated that.

Adaptation should have come within the first 24 hours after seeing how engagements progressed. Doctrines don’t account for every eventuality. Competent fleet officers do, either through contingencies or the ability to develop them quickly. The tools for success were all available.

Spectacularly. Repeatedly. With a consistency that seemed willful.

With all the respect, I don’t think that just moving on is a Honorable choice. For the systems occupied (Pochven) are our territory - and it means we shall take them back, because we are Caldari. Because we come back.

Just as we shall not move on in regards of those who have committed it. Same nullsec blocks have committed crimes against Humanity and the State. Same ‘person’ whom you were replying to was just a triglavian bootlicker, for it’s their organization who made it possible for Niarja to fall - probably the harshest blow the Triglavians and their pets managed to deal to the State, even if it wasn’t Caldari system - by separating ties with our Honorable Ally.

They all shall pay for this with their lives. For the sake of justice and to prevent such things happening in the future. Goonswarm is the enemy of our State and enemy of whole humankind.

When you see a goon ship in space - engage at any opportunity. And if you see them in person, just draw a KK bolt gun and shoot them right in the face - that’s only proper answer nuisance like Arrendis deserve.

The most we can do - is to not let them go with what they did.
And we won’t.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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When I said "move on " I didn’t mean to imply we forget about what was taken. The Triglavians should be, as far as I’m concerned, the primary target for the State, and indeed all empires. The Federation is an old, known foe. We can fight them, and we know we can beat them. They should be secondary in our concern. Our efforts should be focussed on rearming to fight the Triglavians, retaking our lost systems, and undermining Kybernaught organizations. It’s a goal we’d share with the Federation, and they’d be unlikely to take advantage to strike us.


I will respectfully disagree with the estimation that Triglavians shall be the primary target, for the damage they have caused are negligible in considering amount of systems that are under the Gallentean threat, not speaking about our very Homeworld that is being held as a ‘hostage’ in Federal territory.

During the engagements with the Collective itself I got an impression that they aren’t as formidable foe as some people tend to claim and can be defeated with ease. As a major contributor for their success in their little campaign against us I’d list as well their overwhelming numbers and lack of capsuleer response. And yet, I will easily engage Triglavians even while being outnumbered and will expect their defeat.

For taking over Pochven I see only technical difficulty - as I have no idea what are these crystals that were growing from the gates, and I’ll leave this mystery for our scientists to solve: when we set the gates operation again a full scale invasion can begin.

Meanwhile I still recommend to concentrate on the Federation and their allies Republic, many thousands of State citizens are still being tortured, raped and starved to death in explosive cells of Federal prisons. This shall be stopped.


Is Ammar Empire willing to help us achive this goal in any capacity, as the largest of four empires I hope they are willing to help because they will be next if we fall, helping us is helping themselves in a way.

So. I’ll admit to only having skimmed this.

Is the summary for us largely unconcerned with the Triglavian sycophants essentially their going, “Please don’t shoot us!” and the rest of the cluster mocking them for that?

Because let’s be honest. So much of the Triglavian culture we’ve seen has been centered on ritual combat between clades, so I’m thoroughly baffled that the sympathizers thought they’d be exempted from the Collective’s apparent method of operation: winnowing of the ‘unfit’ through constant combat.

That this is anything resembling a ‘stable society’ is a product of advanced technology that reduces the loss of infomorphs through transfer of intelligences into new shells, biological or otherwise. There are no allies-- not as we know them. Not even among the clades.


Yeah … they’re basically really unhappy the Collective unlocked the gates restricting access to only those with proven loyalty to the Collective, ma’am.

I guess they expected to be kept relatively safe in the systems they helped steal.

I’m not sure who they thought they were working for.


Personally, I don’t care much for the gates being open or not. Pochven is where I reside, gates open or not, and a bit of extra combat, proving, or whatever you prefer to call it, isn’t a bad thing.

Overall, no complaints here~!

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I wouldn’t bother engaging with such willfully ignorant or dishonest actors. The Collective must simultaneously be a huge existential threat worth uniting with your worst alleged enemies over and a pathetic foe they can easily steamroll at once for them to justify their disgraceful conduct. Still not sure what the mental gymnastics behind declaring any ‘victory’ are here, but it seems like they are quite adamant on holding onto their narrative and dismissing all facts as ‘enemy propaganda’.

Best course of action is to just carry on as usual and let them relish in the blood of their employees, lest they decide that their satisfaction in an imagined victory is worth a few more hundred thousand deaths.

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That seems to have been the Trigs’ attitude toward you guys and your prayer, too.

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I am not translating this.
Learn Napanii.

Caldari, ■■■■■■■■■■■■! Do you speak it?!