#fromragstoriches Challenge

Hello people! My name is Christopher and currently I’m doing a #fromragstoriches challenge you may call it :slight_smile:

So basicly I’m trading an item for ANY ITEM with same or greater value. I’m not doing this coz of ISK, because there are other ways to make ISK faster than that for sure, but coz of interest :slight_smile:
So far I got Rodiva (120m value) from Tritanium in 5 days.

If you want to trade me: convo me in-game if I’m online or mail if I’m not :slight_smile: After that you can either directly trade me in Jita 4-4 (if I’m currently there) or create a contract!

At the end I’ll giveaway half the value of the last item between all the participants so don’t forget to leave a comment with your nickname and your item that you’ve traded me :slight_smile:

I will update this post for every new item I’ll get!

Fly safe and have a nice eve <3
Christopher Nollen

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SPF en Gravonere - Master-at-Arms Cerebral


Master-at-Arms Cerebral Accelerator: currently 156m value :slight_smile:

I gave a Rook for the - Master-at-Arms Cerebral-


Rook: currently 180m value

I did back in the days, I ended up with my freighter :slight_smile: but took quite a long time. you are far ahead of me in speed. please us (at least me) informed. GL!

do you have an endgame goal?

we’ll see how it goes but I think if I won’t get anything in 7 days, i’ll end it and do the giveaway :slight_smile:

i want to contact you a few seconds after you geet offline. contact me later if you are online. gn8

I mailed you in-game :slight_smile:


Small Skill Injector: currently 212m value


Drekavac: currently 227m value

hi all, I currently have contributed to this quest with an abyssal scrambler think valued at 75 mils, the rodiva and most recently the drekavac, have fun everyone

I gave a Bhaalgorn for the Drekavac. Good luck fam


Bhaalgorn: currently 275m value


Kikimora Red Meatgrinder SKIN: currently 548m value

Meatgrinder Skin Traded for the Bhaalgorn :slight_smile:


Price changed:

Kikimora Red Meatgrinder SKIN: 350m

Nevermind, it’s 540m again, need to get rid of this item -_- xD

Changed the price for Kikimora Red Meatgrinder SKIN to 500m. Feel free to convo/mail me in-game :slight_smile:


Orca: currently 605m value