Full list of EVE Guides in one place

Reminder: This exists :slight_smile:

and the discord is always being updated with current EVE sales/ updates/new tools/guides etc

Updated the discord with Fleet channels - Get notifications when public fleets go out/ Get notifications about upcoming big fights.

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I definitely commend and applaud you for your time and effort in compiling all this info but I gotta say I agree with @ISD_Sakimura

Especially on this fact:

Any updated guides or new guides pertaining to New Players could be easily added to that thread. Also for clarification New Players are those who are brand new to the game and have less than 30 days playing.

This right here is on point. New Players already have a massive amount of basic info they need to retain before getting into specialized info. Also quite a few of those links you listed don’t even pertain to New Players. Those topic links would probably be better suited as guides posted in their specific sub-forums.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think your ‘Full List Of Eve Guides In One Place’ is a great idea but I think this is the wrong sub-forum for it. Something as complex and comprehensive as that probably should be posted in General Discussion.

Lastly, your ‘Full List Of Eve Guides’ is missing one of the older and still viable guides in Eve:
Faction Standing Repair Plan aka ‘The Plan’

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Proving grounds group finder channel

You may want to have a look at the forum posts tagged with ‘guide’ as well:

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