Fully research rig BPO's duplicates...what do I do with them?

They are simply duplicates. I have several research characters and they just cycle in tons of BPOs and research until their eyes bleed. i just happen to have doubles and occasionally triples. drunken BPO buying spree’s, friends quitting and giving me their blueprints. etc.
i just naturally react to something not being researched and i want it to be researched so in it goes.

but what should i do with the duplicates? i have two sets of most stuff i use, one for current use and one for “uh oh something awful happened” i live in a WH so you can imagine. anyway… but i have extras.

so should i just churn out a bajillion copies? or just flash sale them in a big pack for a bit above the market price is, which im assuming is just equating the NPC value right?

pic is example of some I have, mostly rigs. https://gyazo.com/37bc7d1ec0881c75b17a20773700ab18

Would you be open to donate some to a corp that build stuff to new players?

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mail me in game, I’ll buy them :smiley: I need a set :smiley:

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