Fun, giggles and LAZERZ ❤️


So a newbie player looking for an active, medium size corporation operating in EUTZ. Preferably something that has operations in high-to-null, and/or wormholes. Corp should:

  • Have a tongue-in-a-cheek culture, not here take things seriously
  • Have a ‘nice guy’ culture, not here to grief or torment newbies
  • Have a vision where it’s going, clear leadership and no internal drama
  • Understand that real-life goes first and absences are OK.

Activity-wise I’m interested in the following:

  • Ratting + Missioning + Salvaging
  • Small-to-medium size fleet roams + PVP
  • Occasional Exploration + Industry

As newbies there isn’t that much I bring to the table yet, but here some creds:

  • Active: I seek, create and participate in content creation. If I play, I play and participate.
  • Mature: I’m here for the fun and not for the drama
  • A working mic and a good attitude
  • Made around 250mil isk in the first week -> self sufficient
  • Can run T1 abyssals solo
  • Been flying with Spectre and E-UNI fleets
  • Been dipping my toes into PVP by hunting newbie gankers
  • Combat focused 3mil SP, all Amarr relevant combat skills at LVL4

If you feel I fit your culture and corp, shoot me a message in-game! :slight_smile:

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