Functional keys on macs with touchbar

Hey there, I’ve got a macbook with that frustrating touchbar. Is there a way to always enable functional keys instead of “app controls” for EVE Client?

I can enable override for EVE Launcher, but not EVE Client (since it’s not really a Mac app with plist and some guid):

What I have to do to have function keys is globally enable them in keyboard settings:

That’s kind of uncomfortable to do that every time I want to play EVE. Is there some sort of developer plans addressing touchbar or maybe some third-party solution?

Don’t have a Touch Bar Mac, but you might try adding


To the list of apps. At least this way when eve runs it should switch automatically as you are technically running wine.

Someone else might need to help at this point:

You used to be able to locate it menu bar > hold the alt/option key and click the go button > library > application support > eve online. After that point I am not sure which of the folders is going to have the right wine app.

They moved stuff around over the years.

Just use the function keys on the keyboard dude.

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