Future of Exploration Content

(StonerPhReaK) #61

I hope to one day have my very own agent in my citadel. When that is possible. I will buy the citadel. Maybe. But probably not.

(MinMax) #62

Wow, the “occupation” of Null is continuing apace.

Since my last post it seems more and more systems are becoming “owned” and rented out by the Big Guys.

Nothing wrong or illegal about that, if that is the way CCP want the game to go.

Independent explorers have to adapt or leave. Null is not as wild as it once was, not as much fun? I haven’t been attacked in Null for ages, very few gate camps. I guess, with all the system ownership Null has become defacto Hi Sec?

What is mildly amusing is many “renters / owners” view the systems as theirs and are outraged that explorers may come into “their area” and complete sites.

Perhaps CCP will generate “new” systems outside the current scope to become truly the “wild West” again :slight_smile:

(Jeremiah Saken) #63

those systems must be different from what we have now, no sov, no citadels, no capitals, no stations. Then it would be like wild west.

(MinMax) #64

Exactly right, bring back the “venture there at your own risk”!!

(Predvodnica LSG) #65

It is called procedural generated 150000 systems in “outer space” for roaming and exploaration

(MinMax) #66

…and pray tell, good sir, where is this nirvana?

Hopefully, you are not referring to the current low / null sec systems, all of which are blighted with owners, renters, sov, pos, etc, for these are not wholly for for roaming and exploration by independents, nor is WH space :slight_smile:

(Predvodnica LSG) #67

I am not born english speaker and maybe I was not clear enough.

IMHO after Hi sector, low sector and null sector we need something new. Hi sector is IMHO law and order empire space where empires rules and force order. Low sector are ( IMHO ) is loosely connected space influenced by mighty groups of NPC. Null sector is now something like area for conquering and ruling by players corporations.

My plan is new space, the opposite of the current hard-coded generated space, PROCEDURAL GENRTATED space whic will be added to current 3 areas and will be of significant size ( at least 150 000 systems ). I will call that exploarable space and solo and group could go roaming there. Content will be extremly different and random from empty systems to large number of different locations and elements in same system. Also to be much more interesting content will renuve very slovly. Let say someone come in one system and harvest asteroid bet, then that asteroid belt would not renuve at leest for next 6 month. That would make exploring the much more interesting because everyone would not come to the same rich already explored areas.


(MinMax) #68

:+1: an excellent idea.

Now we just need CCP to take notice :ok_hand:

(CptHoyle) #69

I love exploration, the reward just isn’t worth my time anymore. Would be great to see some better rewards come from this, maybe even temporary pilot boosts from the data breach or something silly.
The whole few million here, few million there with the risk of losing a ship and the time it takes to scan>crack>move “Nah, can make more in 15 minutes killing rats then 2 hours of exploring”

(Jeremiah Saken) #70

Sleeper caches may drop +500 millions in loot and BPCs from a single site, it is worth the time but it is not consistens flow of ISK. It was always been like this.

(CabMerl) #71

Still a lot of ISK to be made in exploring.

However, the Big Corps are expanding “their” space in Null, which is making the null systems “semi-HiSec” and reducing the number of “free” systems to explore.

I have said it before but IMO one of the unintended consequences of having SOV / POS / etc in Null Sec is the “normalisation (making like Hi-Sec)” of the systems, which is the exact opposite of what that space should be about.

Certainly where I am, The Initiative is squeezing the “free” Null Sec space from both ends by continuing to “take over” a system at a time. again, this is not a whinge, just at statement of fact. This is what CCP have designed so the sandbox is what it is.

So, come on CCP, to stop the complete loss of exploration game play, make some more space systems that can’t be overrun by Big Corps. If you don’t stop the rot, you will lose significant developed play and probably players.

I wonder if CCP ever reads these?

(Trigori) #72

What do you mean? NPC-nullsec is a thing and nothing is stopping you from accessing sov-space. In fact, some of the best places for exploration are deep inside the territory of the larger null blocks.

(Aerit) #73

More PvP analyzer stuff – e.g., activating your enemies self-destruct, being able to control their modules, take control of drone/fighter, hacking structures providing more info - fuel levels, unanchor time - and allowing you to “steal” research/manufacturing materials.

(Maciejjy) #74

I would definitly go with more RNG in exploration.

RNG with everything. Loot, sites, sites “behaviour” etc. Unknown is the factor that keep players interested.

Chance for site to escalate to more difficult is good.

Hacking game difficulty is way to easy.

I would change this system where site name determines what is inside.

More traps and challenges (like some dangerous sites where player is unable to warp off until something is done etc.)

I would like to see really difficult cans that explodes heavily when player fail to open them. Or spawn some really nasty rats (again - randomly).

Long story short. I would like explorer to be in constant danger in some sites. Move exploration to another level, where players can really ‘explore’ and feel thrill instead of: “ooohh relic site…what’s the name? forgotten bla bla bla… i am not going there”.

Also data and relic sites should be the same when it comes to danger, loot etc.

edit: of course most of these changes should go to more dangerous space than high/low space.

(Arthur Aihaken) #75

Exploration deep in Triglavian space. Ditch the timer and make rooms increasingly more challenging to explore (not necessarily with NPC enemies but with environmental and other challenges to overcome). The deeper you go - the richer the rewards. Offer an exit before each increased level of difficulty.

Make these available for solo or team play (but not PvP) and expand beyond cruisers (something where Marauders could finally excel would be cool). In fact, I’d make it available to strategic cruisers, battlecruisers, command ships, battleships, marauders and black ops only just to eliminate the current Gila meta.