Future of Exploration Content

(Omnathious Deninard) #1

So to give our developers some insight as to where we would like our K-Space exploration content, I want to make a poll. If you are interested in K-Space exploration or are an active explorer this thread could be a good place to give feed back.
Starting off:

  • Leave everything alone.
  • Overhaul existing.
  • Replace existing with new content.
  • Create new and leave existing.

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(Omnathious Deninard) #2

For new Content would you rather have; Statically built sites where everything is predictable.
Dynamically built sites in which the same fit may not work every time, where flexibility and adaptability are key.

  • Dynamic
  • Static

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(Omnathious Deninard) #3

For Data and Relic
The Sleeper Cache sites were a nice change for many long term explorers it used both skill and offered some challenges and puzzles would you rather see;

  • Sites remain the Same
  • Sites Overhauled to be similar in concept, but not always as difficult.
  • New sites added in a similar difficulty as sleeper cache sites.

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(Omnathious Deninard) #4

Reserved for expansion

(Omnathious Deninard) #5

One more Reserved for additional expansion.

(Claevyan) #6

I would like to see some exploration or discoverable sites that can lead to quest chains or additional caches of treasure. Something you can find randomly out in the void of space that is like “If found return to X” or perhaps a map leading to several other locations that ends in either Trap or Reward (or both).

(Tengu Grib) #7

Ooh that would be neat.

(Lucius Aubaris) #8

A couple of ideas:

Faction data/relic sites with a random chance of escalating to a harder site when completed, i.e. "your computer has discovered a data trail to another site in xxxx…"
Empire faction data sites - these could be throughout New Eden as the empires try to keep tabs on whats going on in their rival’s space and in sov null. Rewards could maybe include Empire faction bpcs, lore bits, and the usual relic and data loot.
Edit: One other thing: Sites that rather than exploding when failed send a signal for faction ships to come and check out/defend the installation.

(Duo Roman) #9

Drone data sites can already escalate. Would be very nice to have it for other data/relic factions tough.

(Buoytender Bob) #10

I remember a long time ago that one could recover partial data chips with fragments of info on them. They never led to anything, but the concept could be expanded so that several different chips would have to be collected and then used (and consumed) in a gated exploration site. These info chips could be traded/sold and by having the actual chips be used to enter a site would help prevent people reading the info and then selling the chips (and doing the site). Perhaps some type of clues/riddle could be included in the chips write up on what the final site may have (might suggest npc pirate or level of the final site).

(Kathern Aurilen) #11

As an alpha, I have barely been able to scan down a few sleeper sites but didn’t have high enough equipment to interact with half the stuff on the site, plus the environment was tearing my ship a few new holes.

I have been planning a 3 ship approach to the sites. One Max scan, one Max hack strength, and one Max relic strength. The only reason I haven’t really put it into practice is because the site keeps kicking my work ship in the thrusters.

(Duo Roman) #12

The sleeper cache sites allows you to disable some of the traps by hacking specific cans before others.
See a nice guide below. The guide describes doing the site in an Astero but there is plenty of information describing how the site works and what you need to complete it.

(Rheaha Preynar) #13

Edit: One other thing: Sites that rather than exploding when failed send a signal for faction ships to come and check out/defend the installation.

I LOVE this idea

(Zhilia Mann) #14

Could be problematic. I know I’d intentionally fail hacks just to get content on a slow day if it were worth anything.

(Este DeStirr) #15

Explo sites that increase or decrease standings… :smiley: 'Course I’m always in Null or WH space, so :woman_shrugging:.

It has been suggested that upon hacking Comm Towers in data sites in Null space, one could receive snippets of Local over time in that region…

(Rek Seven) #16

I would like to see exploration sites that require more than one person. Maybe you would have to hack two cans at the same time to open up the final room.

I would also like to see wormhole data/relic site completely changed so that even in a class 6, it would be possible to run them solo in a reasonable time.

(Claevyan) #17

I could see introducing a means of covert or cloaked or stealthy hacking, where one could try to hack the cans without been noticed by the sleepers… but a failure would cause you to be exposed, or getting to close to a sleeper or something. A means by which one may attempt to hack the cans without dying but it would take skill and a watchful eye.

Maybe using something like the Zephyr but with a Relic\Data module too so it can probe and hack but that’s it.

EDIT: Zephyr? Is that how it spelled? IDK man, google is hard >.>

(Kathern Aurilen) #18

I think that would be too easily abused, plus you have to be with in 5k so that’s an auto decloak

(Duo Roman) #19

Decloaking radius is actually 2km but I agree cloaked haking not good. Eliminates the risk of a somewhat rewarding activity.

(Claevyan) #20

How about some actual rescue mission content? C1-C3 space, you scan down a sig that comes up as an “Unknown Entity” which can be a lost Sisters of Eve ship or a Pirate faction or something, a lone Cruiser or Battlecruiser that asks you for assistance getting back to known space (or even just leaving the current wormhole) and promises a reward. You have the choice of blowing it up for a standings loss with that faction but a high chance of 1 or 2 faction items dropping, or helping them out for standings increase, a lot of LP, and a possible single faction item.

What do people think of those types of additions to exploration? It would obviously need some work in order to actually show an NPC entity how to get out of a wormhole but i bet we could set it up.