Future of solo and small PvP is great!

Now you can do theorycrafting and optimise your fit for hours, share fits
with your friends, and go to Jita to bring back pack of fitted ships to
your favorite station for fast PvP action or learn PvP the hard way.
That’s fun, but futur is better and more harsh!

With mutaplasmid magic random modules you won’t be able to compete in FW
and their low-sec resident with only standard modules. Solo or small gang.
And that’s why the futur is full of promises.

First, noobs without cash to buy magic RNG modules will have to farm
isk, or mutaplamid, or accept that they’are here to paddle our KB with
more easy kills. Another good point is that they can grow their
wallet and SP for month before being able to start learning pvp and lose
a lot of ships! EvE must be harsher, is not mean to be fun for
newbies, newbies must be fun for us.

Second good news, you can forget PYFA, EFT and other tools you use to
spend so many (useless) times to optimize your ship, forget the fun to
speak and share that fit that need 0.1% CPU, that fit who can tank Jesus or
this fit that can be pretty usefull to duo with this another one. With
Magic ramdom modules and their magic ramdom fiting cost and cap usage
this part of eve culture is finally over. It’s not too early, my
discord was full of stupid nerds sharing theocrafting and discuss ships
for hours, what a mess, now they have to do theocrafting with magic rng
modules they find in market, or gamble with their owns before be able to
discuss and ruin your Discord.

So finally you go to Jita and want to buy a pack of 10 fitted tristans
and Corax to go pvp all the day ? Forget multi-buy, forget fast shoping,
this things is over for you, mutastupid is what all serious PvPers want
: spend hours in contract or play casino with modules to fit each ships.
Not take your time to optimize fit but take it to fit all your ships
with ramdom modules!

Yeah future is great for us, thanks CCP for this great idea, PvP
and EvE culture was so fun, it’s time to get rid of this non-sense.


Maybe CCP will be generous and in their mercy offer direct buy of top tier abyssal modules from the NES store for :credit_card: PLEX. :wink:

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