FuzzMarket Documention?


Can someone take a look at https://github.com/fuzzysteve/FuzzMarket and create some documentation or a guide to implementing that?

I am having a heck of a time even getting Apache to cooperate with PHP5, and even with all the dependencies setup and the database connected, the site still throws an Er500 for no apparent reason (logs not providing any information).

I’ll have a dig around and see about writing something when I’m not brain fried after travel.

My first thought is that it’s probably the logs directory not being writable by the webserver.

I’m not actually using apache with it, but Nginx. But that’s relatively minor, tbh.

Thanks, I saw your Github response. Yeah the logs are writable, but the only error was on line six of index, which doesn’t tell me much.

It is strange. I have the file structure and permissions all correct (public folder is a vhost web directory, and everything else is nested above and has the correct permissions.
Ran composer first, then setup the database.

When I go to install php5 and restart the server, it goes from displaying the .php page as text to a 500 error. Very confused XD

I have to admit, I’m pretty much drawing a blank why it isn’t working for you.

It’s based off

Nothing in the logs directory? Nothing in the webserver’s logs?

Nothing of particular use. Let me run through the server setup, tell me if I have missed anything.

[UBUNTU 16.04]

First thing installed is Apache 2. Specify a vhost for /var/www/html/public , and put everything else in /var/www/html

CHOWN recursively html and public to www-data (the Apache user), and give 755 perms recursively

Install composer, then run composer install in /var/www/html from your composer.json/lock file.

Reboot, install PHP5 and make sure apache knows to use it.

Here the web server should at least give a 504 error or something, instead it just gives a generic 500 error.

If you want to tell me exactly how you set your server up I can try, its very possible I am not doing something correctly.

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