Looking for any help with LMeve Corp management tool

I have been look everywhere i can to find any help in installing or putting up the LMeve Tool. I know next to nothing about setting up a VPS so most of this is completely lost on me. I all i should need to run this app is
You will need a host with:

  • Access to crontab (so most likely to shell as well).
  • MySQL 5 or above
  • PHP 5 or above
  • about 250MB of free disk space (for icons and EVE Static Data Dump)
  • EVE Online corporation API key(or keys)
    But since the best instruction on how to set it up was written over 3 years ago it not much help ontop of me not knowing PHP.
    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you would be better served installing and using Eve Seat. It’s actively updated and come May 8th when the old APIs get turned off that old 3 yr old tool will stop working completely.

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I looked in to eveseat too but LMEVE is better setup and has better features and was already updated awhile ago to work with the new api system. Wish it was alot easier to setup if only I could just set it up as a page to the Corp website and link it to a database to make it simple. It would be amazing or have an installer that setup a database for it and everything and all you need to do was set the website to open the index file when u clink the page link.

Still looking for help setting up LMEVE any and all help is greatly appreciated.

are you US based? if so I may be able to lend a hand in the US evenings.

Yes us central based.

I’ll shoot you a mail later tonight or tomorrow

Thx for the help.

Bump still looking for help setting up App and on locations to host it at

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What features are you looking for exactly? I am working on some “as a service” tools for small corporations who do not want to handle their own infrastructure.

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