Fuzzwork market data


I import market data with power Query in Excel. Everything work fine. Does anyone know, why i am not able to import the data from a specific solar system? It work for Jita, Perimeter and other Hubs. But it does not work für any “smaller” solarsystem. The System ID is correct :frowning:


His API only supports:

Just a simple one at the moment. Global, Regions, Jita, Perimeter and 5 the hub stations only.

So, anything more specific you’re going to have to do on your own.

Ah ok dammit ! :slight_smile:

Can I get more Data via power query JSON from another data site?

Sorry for the short reply: I’m not at a PC at the moment.

Look at: EVE Swagger Interface
This is the direct reference for the data from the game itself in reasonably real-ish time (some references are cached by a few minutes to avoid overloading the database).

For static information, Fuzzworks SDE is the best source. Index of /dump/latest

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