Fuzzworks Market Data API

Hello there. Does anyone know how often the Market Data API gets a snapshot from the live servers?

It says every 30 minutes but the data seem completely off at the moment.

The cronjob runs every 30 minutes (6 and 36 minutes past the hour), except around downtime, where it doesn’t run for a cycle. Once it’s running, it takes a variable length of time to complete. Normally around 8-14 minutes or so.

If you look at the top of the front page of the site, you’ll see

Last Update (EVE): 2020-06-12 10:18

or similar.

When it’s run, the aggregates the api uses are shoved into a redis database which expires after 2 hours. So if it’s not all zeroes, it’s been pulling data, within the last 2 hours.

There is a degree of filtering on the aggregates (mostly throwing away very low priced buy orders), but if the numbers are seeming very off, there’s probably something you’re not taking into account. Like, for example, a large lowsec sell order of minerals in the forge, which is dragging down the average.

Do you have an example of something which looks wrong?

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never mind, seems to be a script issue in google sheets… has run for a few years but now strangely doesn’t throw any error and seems to load new values but presents the old values again…

PS: deleting the script and the permissions and pasting it in again and giving it new permissions plus redoing the sheet (otherwise empty) it was called in fixed it… strange.

Sorry for bothering you…


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