[FW] Empire Shipcasters, Hit or Miss?

Just recently came back to the game, and I see that they haven’t touched the Shipcasters. Are people actually using those? I find the Athounon ↔ Samanuni gate a lot more useful, and that one doesn’t need to be maintained XD

And we still don’t have Navy Logistics ships, are we still supposed to do logistics with T1 ships?

I guess the real question is, have they touched the Uprising content? So many things have been added but it feels like it’s not being iterated upon.

Been doing fw for a decade and have not touched a single ship caster lol, they are probibly good but guess I’m stuck in my old ways.

Have a feeling I’m not alone on this.

Yea there was some changes after, the insurgencies added onto the whole fw side but tbh every time I go there I just get blobbed and never see my own side there guess its just mostly pirates solo farming it with their 5 alts.

I was personally hoping the insurgency sites where in npc null but yea that didn’t happen lol, still lots to explore on it thou so havn’t written it off yet.