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I returned a bit after few years (like 8) to spin my ships around in hangar, melt some rats, check how reworked lvl4 missions are, play some jukebox music and how many Sacriliges I can build.

So quick and fast feedback. I’ll complain and i’ll YELL where appropriate.

The Agency is nice, helped me a bit to find everything (I guess it’s also at least something for new players?)
UI is (still) ■■■■, what’s with skill popups?! (luckily I have most skills and popups are rare, but wtf is that).
Overview is same as in 2008. Thank god for Z-S Overview being alive.
Missions are same as in 2008-12. I don’t see difference. There was rework planned 10 years ago afaik, only difference I saw is no Overseer loot in worlds colide. ^^
Love ‘new’ rockets and missles (i think that’s from 2012-14is…)
Some interesting new ships, but on first glance Triglavian hulls look bit P2W/Op (I guess price balances them out).
Alpha clones, nice concept, bit to limited. If at least tutorials for new people would hold up it would be fine. Which they don’t, same tutorial disaster as 10 years ago, but now it has 2 links in Agency! Woo. It’s up to community to teach newbros.
Abyssal Filament thingie is cool.
Gatecamps are still there on every 0.4-0.5.
Simulated Fit kinda works, but still doesn’t come even close to 12 year old EFT (or Pyfa)
Jukebox is gone -.-

And now for glory of AMARR. Devs, WTF DID YOU DO TO LASERS! And artillery for that matter.
Do you even have a sound department? Or are they busy selling skins?

Lasers go “Phrrrfffhrrrrfhfhfhrrhhhhh” what is this sound of a tearing speaker membrane!
If you replace that sound with someone saying “Pew Pew Pew Lazers Pew” you’ll improve it few times over! Horrible.
Artillery sounds like wet firecracker instead howitzer. Blasters/Rails I don’t know but I can guess it’s from 1920 recorded on first generation gramophone plate also. AC 800s sounded kinda ok (NPC, AC Machariels).
I guess I need to immerse myself and turn all ‘space’ sounds off. Geez. Do a SFX rework pass please.

And give Amarr ships new laser tech that works like disruptor, just with EM/thermal profile. 1 Module - takes 2-4 high slots. (in 12 years, no new weapons to fit on ships, wow). Ty. :wink:



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hmm…actually a toggle to do that would be amusing…the bigger the laser, the more voices saying “pew pew”

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:rofl: rotflmfao the whole post but that one just finished me.
I’m always surprised to know how much mediocrity people readily accept in their video games.

Please do not challenge this current team of devs to touch another dam thing.


What/anything serious happened with/to devs in these past 8 years?

I passively saw expansions coming out on Steam and it seemed it’s going fine. :slight_smile: two friends went back a bit so I also said fuckit and activated one of my accounts (got 3). Triglavians kinda peeked my interest also due Slav lore (our tallest mountain in country is actually “Triglav” (three-heads) as it has 3 peaks).

Really I expected (way) more after so many years away. I see a lot of stuff trying to feed me “micro”-transactions (skins, skills!?, plex store). Go omega popups & multi-train your account alts…

With monthly cash raking in there should be more progress. I guess lack of proper alternatives (no competition) is in effect.

Saw POS rework, nice.

But in 8 years. T3 destroyer and Force Auxialry. Those are only new ships in 4 empires.

No new weapons for 4 empires. No really new modules (assault damage control I think was only I saw).

No systems to block/detect scans (every sci-fi show/movie ever has this), still. Saw bonus on t2 transport to have immunity.

No new ship variations (expected to see extra T1/T2’s) for 4 empires. I can’t even improve or even ‘alternate’ my 8 year old Paladin fit… unless I go into such bling on modules it would be only safe to spin it in hangar. Most of my fits stayed same, some lost or gained a slot but that’s it.

My Exploration Legion seems to be more or less same. My ■■■■ missle skills holding it back.

Planetary Production… I clicked UI, restarted jobs, everything works. 8 years ago I setup that.

I do get bunch more? of Burner missions. Those are ‘fun’ to figure out with all the info on net 5 years old.

LP stores are same. At-least Khanid Navy is (expected all navies to have some ship offerings), you tweak one file and it’s done. 5 min job?

And yea, sounds are just bad / aged badly. Really. Pulse Lasers sample I’ll use for reference on how not to do things in my future lectures If we ever again get to have GDC/Gaming fairs :wink:

I’m in game dev bizz for some 15+ years and all this just feels lazy. Even scams are still the same.

PS. Send me 10-500 mil ingame and I’ll return 1.5x back. Just say “Pew Pew Lazers” in local. (don’t do it… or do. It’s not a scam since you know it is. Or is it?) :wink:

Ah well :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays.

It’s not (that) fun to feel like Anakin in Jedi Temple…

If all those Joungling Minmatars have is wooden sticks. Need some feeling of challenge at least :wink:

That’s not true at all?

There’s the whole Triglavian line, the latest EDENCOM ships, the venture, the prospect, …
… the additional t1 destroyers they’ve released, the Tornado (2013), the leopard …
… a whole range of logistic frigates …
… the noctis, the por… pur … poi … ■■■■, turtle …
… and more I can’t even remember?

I wish the ship database on the web actually had a way of sorting them by release.

But noooo… :roll_eyes:

I know you might not count Triglavian ships as part of the four empires …
… but you’d have to count EDENCOM ships as empire ships …
… so it’d be unfair not to count the Triglavian ships as well.

Triglavian line is totally another Empire / faction. New skills, unique rules.
Edencom looks extremely special also with own skills and weapons. Maybe they are “empire” but I can’t fit lasers on them and armor tank can I? Didn’t even look into that. What are those used for anyway? Exploration/PVE/PVP? (first glance, they look like fleet ships at best).
SOE ships are own line also (I like these 3, but have Legion already).
Mordu Legion is new for me also.

I was still here for Oracle and atleast one new destroyer (I think t2 destroyer is new also or changed, cant remember).
There’s Noctis in my hangar bumping into Orca, so that was in also.

I’m not saying there’s nothing new. But if it’s not golden dildo shaped laser spewing… it’s just not good enough to look at it or pilot it. Needs to have proper bling and Amarr logo on it, you know. :wink:
It’s like empires decided they don’t need anything new and will just ‘outsource’ some pirates or weird cops into their fleets.

Logged in and all ships I can fly I basically have in hangar. No new (Amarr) HACs/Cruiser/BCs/BSs/Marauders/BlackOps/… :slight_smile:

I do love some reworked bonuses (pirate factions seem to got best of it) or Armageddon getting drone/neut bonus. Blood Raider role bonus, nice. Phantasm having 5 lows now instead 3, whoa.

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