FW will it ever be redone

just wondering if ccp will ever update the FW system? ie change up the way caputeing works or something currently it is very boring and very time consuming,

Do you do it for the rewards, or the fights?

i do it for both.

CCP always just abandons stuff, even the new resource wars have now been officially abandoned, even though it could be improved immensely with minimum effort .

Half assed and heads firmly planted in the sand, both frustrating and sad - but utterly predictable


It was a trick question. The fights are the rewards.

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yes and its annoying as hell.

Management does not want to spend dev time on features which cannot be directly monetized.

So no, no updates for FW, unless they can figure out a way to make more RL money from it.

Got a source on that?

Read the CSM minutes.

Save me some time, and tell me which part I should read.

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The hint’s and innuendo’s are spread through out the whole thing.

Also look up CCP Hellbunny’s name and find where he came from.

You know the parable of the net, in the Bible? The fishermen would only select the best fish, and throw the rest back. The chosen fish were like the chosen people. It’s meant to represent those chosen for eternal life in Heaven.

You know how I read it? All those chosen fish are getting cooked for dinner, and I’d rather be the fish getting thrown back.

Anything that’s open to interpretation is not a source. With all the stuff that’s just been released that has not been directly monetised, you’re gonna need to do a lot better than ‘hints and innuendo’.


Wait and see then. I’ll bookmark this topic and try and remember to come back to it in a year, or when FW is iterated upon.

I’m not saying that FW doesn’t need work. I was just messin with the OP. He got my joke, 'sall good. But I also know CCP. I know they need to monetise something, what with the game going free and all, and in general, their monetisation has been fairly reasonable, at least when compared with that from the likes of EA, Actiblizzard, and Ewbisoft. But CCP give us a lot of stuff that isn’t directly monetised at all, so what you’re asserting is a little on the tinfoil side.

The management driving CCP’s monetization was recruited from EA …

And the scientists behind nuclear energy and space travel were recruited from Nazi Germany. What’s your point?

Here’s another one that’ll work the noggin’.

Why do you suppose someone would leave EA to work at CCP?

That the dev’s that actually work on the game are not being allowed to work on the area’s they want to or that they recognise needs work because the management wants them to work on features they can monetize.

Therefore to answer the OP’s question, the chances of FW being worked on are remote unless it can be monetized in some way.

[quote=“Chan_aar, post:18, topic:57824, full:true”]
That the dev’s that actually work on the game are not being allowed to work on the area’s they want to [/quote]

You mean to tell me they’re hired to do a job, and aren’t allowed to do their own things while they’re on the clock? Nowai! It’s almost as if they’re… employees!

Still waiting for that source tbh. Because I’m still seeing CCP developing stuff that isn’t monetised, so…

Is FW really that bad? I mean I know it’s loaded with problems. I’ve done it quite a bit. FW is like a summer vacation home for me. I periodically get the itch and go down there. Although with sec status being purchaseable with tags I’m more likely to daytrip now. Anyways while it is exploited constantly, I find it works remarkably well for newbros. They get paid to pvp, sufficient to replace their ships and maintain income. I get to meet pilots from all walks of life. Some are green as hell, others are bittervets who gave up nullsec to relax, and some are pirates who chose a side. Not to mention actual pirates all over the place.

Like it does what it set out to do, and the numbers of players engaged seems to show this.

Note: I’m a couple years out of faction warfare meta(I still do solo roams) and was a Minmatar front player, so I could be quite wrong if it changed in the last few years.

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