G.H.0.S.T. is recruiting!

G.H.0.S.T. is a relatively new corporation looking for skilled, mature and self-sufficient pilots to enforce our ranks. We are part of a larger null-sec alliance and coalition.

We offer:

  • Mature leadership
  • Real life comes first policy
  • Small and large scale fleet PvP
  • Activity across all time zones through our alliance
  • Hit-and-run style tactics and Black-ops fleets
  • Experienced corp mates to help you
  • A versatile and adaptive playstyle
  • Plenty of corporation- and alliance-run operations

We require:

  • A minimum of 20 million SP for PvP pilots, but a much more relaxed approach for PvE and industrial pilots
  • Knowledge of basic fleet interactions and game mechanics
  • Ability to tune into voice during fleet operations. You don’t have to talk, as long as you can listen
  • Willingness to learn and adapt
  • Being self-sufficient. There is an overflow of income abilities within our reach

Have we piqued your interest? We would love to build a legacy in EVE, together with you!

Join our Discord to get in touch: G.H.0.S.T

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