Gala ORE loot

Where do I sell the ORE Research Data Fragments? Are there NPC buyers?

In ORE stations in Outer Ring potentially. Although it’s likely that can only exchange them in the LP store for the new skills.


Right now there is no NPC buy orders for “ORE Research Data Fragments”. Was it an intended removal or a bug from latest patch?

It was announced in the patch notes from February 22nd that the NPC buy orders for ORE Research Data Fragments will be removed on April 5th.

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Thank you very much for your response Naskingar. I was checking the recent patch notes for a while and could not see a thing and assumed it might be a bug. Now you pointed out an old one i went back and read it again and saw the last sentence. I read that note when it was first published and probably forgot that in due time and CCP never minds putting the update to the recent patch (getting disapointed by their communication means recently).

Well that settles then. They are by all means expired :slight_smile:

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