[Galente pve] Sinq Laison Mission


Yes, yes pvp is awsome, rest is irrelevant…

Unfortunately, some of us (me included) are bad at this game, especially in PvP.

If you prefer to enjoy the vast PvE content CCP has worked hard to improve WITHOUT the PvP aspect, there are ways.

The first steps are to stay in Empire high sec (0.5+ SS), to avoid wardecks NOT joining a corporation and only pilot T1 ships.

How to build a group to enjoy together your gameplay? Its possible to get around. Just create a channel, get a Discord server up for coms, Google calendar for events and Google doc to share informations, documents and references.

Thats it! And dont bother with corporations, alliances, coalitions, null sec and all the people who live to harvest tears or make you their pet. This game can be so much more…

Personally I created a channel to mission in Sinq Laison: “Sinq Laison mission”. Anyone who want to mission in this region, need or want to give help is welcome.

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Just do not forget to run “most blinged mission boat” content all the time, so CODE. and other losers will not have to look for targets for too long.

Good point, I forgot to mention “only pilot T1 ships”. But I was not in the fine prints yet.

I also noted that in the mission descriptions now, there are very good tips to avoid gankers.

Not to mention eve-survival.org where there are very good tips about security.

Anything else?

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