[GalFed] Notice: Public Auction of Moira. Corporate Assets

Vlillirier VII - Roden Shipyards Factory
Moira. Corporate HQ

Greetings Capsuleers,

It has been my unfortunate duty over the past few weeks as the remaining senior Director of Moira. to organize the liquidation of various corporate assets in preparation for closing Moira.'s active operations.

Fourteen years ago my friend Julianus Soter started Moira. as a corporation dedicated to defending the Federated Union of Gallente Prime from emergent threats, whether military, scientific, or subversive. I joined about a year later during the first days of the Sansha Incursions, then returned a few years after that to take part in the Gallente Militia’s first successful campaign to conquer the entire Gallente-Caldari Warzone. From then on, I stayed, until now.

When I first joined Moira. I did so motivated primarily out of a desire to serve the ideals of the Federation. Liberty, Justice, and Equality for all. I still hold those values, but what kept me in Moira for over a decade was more than that. In Moira. I, and many others, found a community of friends and compatriots. I know most of you here can relate. We fought together, we exploded together, and we all felt that unique connection that comes with striving together for a common goal. It was an honor.

Now some few of us who remain active in space have embarked on a new project, the Blades of Liberty. Before I leave my leadership position at Moira. I have undertaken the task of liquidating many of the assets our corporation acquired over our many years of combat operations.

Therefore, I am announcing a public auction to be held at Moira.'s HQ Office: Vlillirier VII - Roden Shipyards Factory, next Saturday, 10.14. @ 16:00 EVE Standard Time. Any capsuleers not engaged in activities hostile or subversive to the Gallente Federation are welcome to attend.

Much of the remaining assets are fairly mundane; ammunition, drones, a variety of modules looted from combat over the years, etc. However, I have curated a few specific lots that honor the legacy of particular Moira. pilots. All will be auctioned starting at a steep discount. Parties interested in direct sales for bulk orders prior to the auction are encouraged to contact me directly via evemail.

Until then,

Liberty marches on.

Rinai Vero
Luminaire General; FDU


Buying assets of organization like that can be considered a sponsorship of terrorism.

Persons who were part of that organization, however, will not be expunged from the responsibilities of the crimes the organization have committed while they were members of that.

Thanks to CONCORD dossiers, former members of the organization can be tracked down even if they will try to hide in different capsuleer entities.

All enemies of the State will die.
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Well, damn. Guess they gotta call the whole thing off now…


Some idea of what’s on offer would be handy to help decide if it’s worth turning up.

KamDron Union Engineering to acquires remaining drone assets from Moira.

In a flurry of last minute encrypted transmissions, representatives from both parties came to an agreement after closed negotiation sessions. The unreleased total acquisition is said to include thousands of drones in various configurations and states of construction, as well as a variety of other accessories.

This is a great day for the future of KamDron Union. We will continue to uphold our values of providing the best drones to our market partners, and pursue AI innovation for the benefit of our corporate partners and friends. Please contact our nearest corporate office for production inquires.

Ever forward,

Kammus Corelli


You make a good point! Here is an image of some special items planned for the in person auction.


Over the last week many of the highest value assets have been sold to private buyers in bulk orders. However, in the interest of honoring some of Moira.'s distinguished pilots I did hold back a few ships of historical significance. Here are a few brief descriptions:

AISA Soter Nikephoros - A fully combat fit Typhoon-class Battleship which once served at the flagship of Moira. Corporation founder Julianus Soter during combat operations in the Gallente-Caldari warzone, Cloud Ring, and Pure Blind. Bidding to start at Ƶ228.3M.

AISA New Villore - A Harbinger-class Battlecruiser fit for fleet command and armor command link support flown by Lm. Gen. Rinai Vero during fleet operation in Placid, Black Rise, and Cloud Ring. Bidding to start at Ƶ44M.

AISA Implant Stash - A small standard container containing various implants provided to Moira. Corporation pilots as part of our cybernetic enhancement program for combat, exploration, and industrial missions. Bidding to start at Ƶ100M

I am happy to provide further information about specific lots upon inquiry.

Those who wish to attend the auction are invited to join the secure fluid router network “Moira. Public Auction” at 16:00 EVE Standard Time, when the event will commence.

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Despite my general lack of financial systems expertise our event turned out to be a resounding success. I’d like to extend my personal thanks once more to all who attended. Your contributions to Gallente terrorism are much appreciated.

In all seriousness, over the past several years I’ve been engaged in a number of planet side activities related to settling various affairs left over from the Villore Accords exodus from Cloud Ring. During the years our alliance held sovereignty over its small pocket of space it became an exciting frontier for many adventurous Federation colonists. Eventually we established some measure of stability, and these colonies became quite prosperous. Some of the pioneers even started to call the main planetary settlement in F7C “New Villore.” After our eviction some chose to remain, but the deteriorating security conditions forced many to relocate, and the bulk of my time was devoted to assisting in that process however possible.

I am proud to say that through many hardships that process has mostly concluded, and the proceeds of this auction have allowed me to finalize those arrangements. What remains to be done can be handed over to the succession team that our President of the Board Mssr. Soter and I have put in place. From now on both Moira. Corporation and the Villore Accords Alliance will be under their custodianship.

Finally, my sincere thanks again to those who attended the event. Most of all, my thanks go out to the hundreds of pilots who made Moira. and GMVA what it was when it was at its best.


Rinai Vero


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