Gallente fitted BC/ C

Looking for a multi purpose ship I’m hoping someone could build me a cruiser or battle cruiser to fit as a multi purpose ship. I’m a newer player however I have tech 2 shields and guns unlocked. A few of the major tasks I’m hoping to use the ship for is escorting other ships and deterring PVP threats. However Id like the ship to have strong capabilities for PVE. I will be producing my own drones for the ship. The budget would be 150million isk but I have some flexibility on that price. Thank you for the help.

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Contact me when you see this, i’ll help you build your first Cruiser / BattleCruiser free.

Hope to talk in-game sometime ^^

Welcome to Eve Online as well
- Burns 2PvP

Hey Burns id love to take you up on your offer what’s your in game user name so I can message you.

Long time wait for a reply… getting back into eve now.
Same as on forums, alike yours

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