“Gallentean” Professional Wrestler Causes Riot at State Arena!

KAUSAAJA, THE CITADEL- Gutter Press has learned that the Arekin Sport Center, located on the planet Kausaaja IV and regularly visited by the State Wrestling Federation, has been utterly trashed by angry patrons as a result of a recent bout fueled by anti-Federation tensions. Wrestler “Krusher” Kortilailen, considered an underdog in this fight despite his title, had his home system come in to play with his feud against the Gallentean sympathizer Dunier Vert who, as the Press feels that it is important to point out, is of Civirian ancestry and previously used his real name of Maaltula Kisodairos before his change of character.

Building on the very real occurrence of the Gallentean militia forces overtaking all of the contested Caldari space in the Black Rise and Citadel regions, Vert would regularly denigrate Kortilailen in just about every turn, using his “promo” time to bring up how weak the people of his home system of Sujarento were, to so easily give up their space to the Gallenteans. Steadily beating a row of other “evil” wrestlers, as well as some of Vert’s associates, Kortilailen’s desire to fight Vert was eventually answered by SWF management. Despite neither wrestler holding an SWF title, their feud became prominent enough to be booked as the main event of their “Clash at the Citadel” minor event, even over their title match over the Caldari State Championship belt.

The cheers that Kortilailen received as he made his way to the ring could not even match the chorus of boos that Vert got, loud enough at points that some spectators noted that they could feel vibrations from the noise. The standard wrestling match soon spiraled out of control, with weapons becoming involved from more than just the two wrestlers. While it seemed to be planned for Kortilailen to bleed from one of Vert’s serrated weapons, the latter wrestler seemed to have been stabbed in the leg by an unknown assailant in the crowd as their fight went outside of the ring. Despite the Krusher reportedly putting up quite a fight, and choosing not to use weaponry despite their legality in this match, it ended swiftly as Vert sent Kortilailen’s body crashing through a table.

Time was allotted for the Caldari-turned-Gallentean bad guy to cut a promo on the crowd after his victory, but as he sensed the crowd’s reactions, he moved as fast as him and his wrestling associates could take him out of the arena. With the exception of the stab wound, Vert was found to be in an okay condition. Kortilailen was as well, but as he laid in the ring, he soon witnessed the crowd become extremely riotous.

“It was madness,” Amarrian spectator Ashek Umenod told Gutter Press. “People threw their trash at Vert as he tried to escape, they threw it at the ring, it was everywhere. I was lucky not to get any on my suit!”

Concession bays were also reportedly destroyed, and the windows around the entrance to the arena were smashed out by angry spectators, as they seemed to be out for Vert’s blood, despite him already being far away from the arena. Flags of Vert’s group of wrestlers, which is accompanied by the Gallentean crest, were also stolen from merchandise stands and burned outside of the arena.

“I do not know if this is standard for the promotion,” Umenod continued, “but if it is, I don’t think I feel safe going to these things in the future. I am sure that not all Caldari sporting events are like this, but still, I have reservations.”

The SWF put out a statement after the fact, apologizing to the owners of the arena for the riot and offering to fix any damage caused by the riotous fans. As the SWF is bankrolled through Kaalakiota’s Echelon Entertainment, it remains to be seen whether KK will pull their sponsoring of the event or not.

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