GalMil Faction Warfare / LowSec Piracy

I’m a new pilot with around 4mil sp.

I played EVE on a different character in the past, but have lost that character, as well as my knowledgebase on how to fly, dscan, warp in and tackle, etc.

I am sure that a refresher course with a solid FW/LowSec Corp would help me remember some things and I would enjoy flying with a group of folks who are laid back and enjoying what pvp they find. Past experience was with small gang pvp in low sec, and a small amount of null roaming blobs.

I’m eyeing the Sedition alliance and corps within like Jerk.

My problem right now is I forget how to even fly and fight. Ive built a few frigs and am sitting them in Hek & Caslemon for some solo roaming to figure this out again.

Hit me up if you think I could tag along and get back into EVE with you and your friends. I have Discord and am available in game through the mail system.

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