Galmil Voltron + Friends versus Black Legion... + Friends AAR

AAR: A couple days ago, Black Legion… and Psychotic Tendencies both started anchoring siege Astrahuses off of Federation Uprising’s nullsec staging Fortizar, and BL carriers reinforced the shield timer. This comes with a recent string of attacks on FEDUP space by TISHU (Psychotic Tendencies) supported by Templis CALSF in some fights. With every night being filled with sov timers, fighting has been fierce in the region, and TISHU has not been able to win a single sov timer, except for the 6RCQ-V Infrastructure Hub Timer, of which the timer was sacrificed due to forming up for the Fortizar armor timer.

FEDUP took the threat seriously, and max pinged for all available pilots to make the fleet as well as alarm clock the fight for EU members. FEDUP called Voltron as well, and as a result a total of 141 Gallente Militia pilots heeded the call, 83 of which were FEDUP members, and the rest consisting of Pen Is Out, Magna Digitus, and Villore Accords. Iron Armada also assisted due to a dislike of TISHU, who were guaranteed to be present at the fight. Scary Wormhole People also made a showing, being friendly with Pen Is Out. The Initiative also showed up due to intel of multiple Black Legion… titans being within jump range.

Galmil Voltron formed Machariels and Guardians, Iron Armada brought Cerberuses, Scary Wormhole People brought Sleipnirs, and The Initiative brought their signature booshing Raven fleet. On the opposing side, Black Legion… and Psychotic Tendencies formed Maelstroms, supported by Scimitars and two Lifs, and Calmil showed up in a Stealth Bomber fleet.

Fighting broke out around 8 minutes into the repair cycle, with the aggressors warping from one of their still anchoring Astrahuses, Machariels were alphaing off Maelstroms, and were tanking from around 75km, as Maelstrom has no optimal range bonus, and no room from Tracking Disruptors or Computers, however as the Maelstrom fleet closed on the Mach fleet, in part due to some piloting error from the Galmil anchor as well as good piloting from the Black Legion… anchor, the Maelstroms were able to volley off several Galmil Machariels. However as more Maelstroms were killed, the better the Guardians were able to hold the Machariels, at this point Galmil also undocked two Force Auxiliaries of their own as well.

The Lifs were then targeted, both being shot by the Fortizar gunner, and both died under the combined pressure of Machariel and Fortizar damage. During the fight, Calmil also made a couple attempted bombing runs, prompting the Fortizar gunner to use the Fort’s Point Defense System, which destroyed a good number of Bombers, at the cost of some smaller ewar frigates and destroyers.

The aggressors then made the call to retreat, and Galmil pursued them on the way home as it was also the same direction in which they had to go home as well, and they destroyed a few stragglers as a result, including two Scimitars and a Loki.

Galmil won the ISK war as well as the objective, with the Fortizar never coming under any serious pressure, and Federation Uprising also saw the largest form up in their history so far, outnumbering all other entities in the fight. Good fights were had, though Galmil outnumbered Black Legion and friends by a fair few.,4070,4067,3836,45344,4065,4056,45353,45349&b=8066880&e=216&t=qfaKrf

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