Beware of Psychotic Tendencies

Beware of the Galmil alliance known as Psychotic Tendencies. They will invade your chat channels and cause problems, like spamming your alliance chat with nonsense. When you block them from a Discord channel or in game chat channel, they will begin to awox your corporation or alliance.

Psychotic Tendencies is what the CODE alliance used to be.

Do not allow them into your alliance because they will flip on you as soon as they don’t get what they want.


I think they are good people.

Let me know if you figure out how to pipebomb us out of existence.



That is very rude, BTW. Fascist, even.

Sounds like good people.

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Definitely Fascist

Yes, good people, bear hunters since 2009


$ sudo apt purge Galmil | grep bomb

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sometimes I am too much neckbeard for my own good.

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Don’t trust nobody.

You can trust me

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Draws them out every time.

Oh, by the Aiko, would like to see the rest of my ship stash? Come see it sometime.

Working like a charm. I would expect Aiko to open dialogue with Psychotic Tendencies and merge them into CODE and introduce them to High Sec ganking.

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NO they are not, unless you have absolute proof.

XD you just got instantly hosed.

You talk about your ships? I would like to do a few duels with you, anything frigate through cruiser.
Send Flara Pediati an eve-mail if you are interested, then fly on down to Auga town (Or Rens, I can do Rens too).

Wow you got killed by Odyssey. You should be honored!

That would be hard to do as CODE does not exist.

How many catalysts does it take to change a lightbulb?

The Princess has more important things to do than duel noobs in frigates. Know your place nooblet.

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Lo siento :frowning:

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What are you going to do about it? Whine on the forums?

First off, PT needs to explain, truthfully, the reason why the PT corporation had its chatting priviledges revoked on the Galmil Discord as well as being blocked in the in game chat channel by 99% of the players.

Secondly. Ax’l, why are trying twist what I said about PT joining CODE into a phrase of wanting to stop PT from joing CODE?

Both corporations would be great for each other. Both like the same shampoo and both like projecting a figure of imagination that has never been true or held any signifincance in New Eden, and never will.


Oh! Sorry.

Thanks for the clarification!

The sky is blue.

Water is wet.

Psychotic Tendencies wilfullly acts like a colossal smear of fecal matter on the canvas of humanity.

The world turns.

What a surprise.

However, as awful as snuff and tishu are as human beings, they’re at least competent enough to fly ships in space where people can pvp back.

I thought CODE no longer existed?

Definitely Fascist

Yes, good people, bear hunters since 2009

Keeping unwanted chat from a Discord is not fascism.