Helping Salvos Rhoska catch those evildoers

I was totally exposed of using an Alpha account while playing with my Omega account. This post is made so @Salvos_Rhoska can punish me here and leave other posts alone. His large collection of evidence that I am multiple persons like @Dom_Arkaral and others from different countries is being uploaded, might take a day or two! I am also accused of telling lies and that I contradicted myself. All of those sever accusations that must be handled! So, here is the place we can argue it out like adults with lots of IQ and no mental illnesses…


This will be the best EVE Meme in ages


I also accuse you of spelling severe incorrectly.

You bad man. How do you live with yourself?


Damn right, let’s start it off with :


Frequent visit to a psychiatrist can do wonders. And yes, he tells me to stay out of dank forums but I told him the new forums would be better and everyone would be nice and positive… he said “Well, that’s an improvement from when you shouted ‘JUMP JUMP, FC SAID JUMP’ when the FC said ‘hold at gate’.” Luckely for you i’m not in your fleet!


I’ll +1 it for the term Ganksterism





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I mercifully sentence you to sifting veldspar thru old grandpa minnie panties in asteroid mines to the end of your days, may it come swiftly.

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Usurper, this is the Great Court of Cee and Pee
Not GD

Go back from whence you came

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I did provide you the link:

See below:

What do you say to that?

I always deliver.

It is not permitted for a person to run multiple alphas clients, or an omega with x alpha clients, simultaneously, regardless of how many platforms they are running on.

Source thread:

Are multiple accounts allowed as an Alpha?

Source to above post:

Is there any plans to close the loop hole that is ganking?

May the distinguished court here decide for itself based on the above whether you did infact admit to violating CCPs rules, and hence should be punished.

As to you also being Dom, I caught you red-handed mistakenly answering with Dom, as if you had had Major selected as current active posting toon.

PS: Lol at portraying me as a manlet.

Dom is always impersonating someone, even when he impersonates Dom.


Is it just me or is this another case of Salvos completely misunderstanding of what was said because he obsesses about a simple sentence while completely ignoring the context?

This seams to happen a lot.


I said you didn’t post a link after I posted it myself. I understood I was in the wrong but apparently you didn’t and kept repeating you were right which was an awkward cluttering of the forums. Hence I told you to find help. Nothing personal, “just an observation” like your friend said.

Late. Like UPS. And you clutter the forums like they damage the package. I hope ingame you do something else than hauling. Or if you do, try and get better at it.

True, but legally it’s “any account linked to the same unique player account”. I looked it up and it’s a bit messy that’s why they keep the expression open so they can still punish miscreants like me avoiding their system checks.


Where is the source to back up this claim?

Are you seriously still trolling the other posts? Dude, I made this post so the moderator won’t go totally apeshit crazy, what is wrong with you? Please buy a “Understanding things for Dummies” skillbook and inject it, then train it to level 5 with skill injectors…

And a little rough around the edges at time. We all are a bit: