Are multiple accounts allowed as an Alpha?

Hello, I have an old account that I created years ago. When I started playing EVE again I went through Steam only to find that I couldn’t link my old account to my steam at the time.

I’m wondering if I’m allowed to play both accounts? If I’m reading the EULA correctly it seems to say that as an Alpha account as long as I’m not logged into both accounts at the same time it’s OK. So for example I’d be playing on account A and then log completely out of it and log in to account B to play. I just want to make sure this is allowed before I go and play on them and then it isn’t and I get banned.


Your understanding is correct.

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You are correct.

If you want extra assurance, you can log a ticket with the GM team and ask them.

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@Uluv_Gabehorn You are indeed correct in your assumption. As the information on Help Desk: Alpha and Omega Clone states, in regard to Multiple Clients running at once:

Alpha Clone

  • Not available, if there is a client logged into an Alpha account, no additional EVE clients can be started past the character selection screen, independent of their state.

Omega Clone

  • Multiple Omega accounts may be logged in at one time, as long as no Alpha account is actively logged into on the same computer.

So just to clarify it; even if you have an Omega account and an Alpha account, you can’t have them logged in at the same time. As it is stated within the limitations of Alpha Clones.

This means I can run an alpha account on my laptop, while running my 8 omega accounts on my gaming desktop? Without breaking the EULA?

No, it means you can run as many Omega accounts as you want, but you are only allowed to run that 1 Alpha account. While on an Alpha account it is the only account you are allowed to be on. Even if you have an alpha running on your laptop and several omega on your desktop, that would be in breach of the EULA.

So you have two choices;

  1. Run a single Alpha account.
  2. Run one or multiple Omega accounts.

EULA applies to you as a person and not your PC(s).

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