Is there any plans to close the loop hole that is ganking?

This does not invalidate what he said.

He said, this needs 6 cats(…), he didnt say all gankers had full skilled chars.
Stop whinning and read at people please, this post of yours is complete nonsense.

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The thing is, there is not “one” team of suicide gankers.
The other thing is, you are not really dead, just reshipped through explosion. So you can keep being useful after that reship.

considering “permit” : if you pay for one extorsion, that means you are an idiot and deserve to be extorted more (by another team - or same but with more reasons)

Lets say there are currently x miners running Ice in a belt.

You have a “permit”, the others dont.
The gankers will rationally aggress your competition, not you.

Especially Ice gankers, typically have a Citadel in-system.
As a miner you can setup a deal with them to supply exclusively their Citadel, thus earning them tax off you, and supplying their market point.

There are many ways to make yourself more useful/profitable alive than dead.

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I tell you this is a scam. They don’t do it for money, it costs them nothing to gank you.

AND there is more than ONE ganking organization. Even if your CODE permit meant anyhting to CODE. it would mean nothing to other people. This is just a complete scam.

Its no guarantee, but they will prefer to aggress someone that hasnt paid, or is otherwise of no use to them. Especially if they are unresponsive, meaning they are probably afk and unreactive targets.

It is not allowed to use one omega and one alpha account or more than one alpha on the same PC. Your assumptions are wrong. Please report me so I can get permabanned for my cheating. Also do not make up random rules you are NOT a CCP representative. Link to the official website like I -who is not a CCP representative- do :

This is incorrect.

Its not allowed to use one omega and alpha account, simultaneously, per player.
Whether its on the same PC or not, or by any other means is not relevant.

As a client of CCP, using their service, you are not allowed to run an alpha and omega simultaneously, no matter how you are doing it.

“Not available, if there is a client logged into an Alpha account, no additional EVE clients can be started past the character selection screen, independent of their state.”

If that is not sufficient for you, I might bother to look up the more specific relevant sections in TOS/EULA.

Your notion that a player can run a PC farm so as to sidestep the alpha/omega rules, does not fly.

His claim was that it is allowed.
Where is his link for that?

Are you both trying to claim that its legal for me to have 100 alpha accounts on individual clients, running simultaneously on 100 PCs in my home (or elsewhere), all of which are MY accounts?

If it is not expressly stated as forbidden, it is allowed, that’s how laws work.

That’s “not the correct answer”, as you said above.

Are we allowed to run 100 clients, on X PCs, on alpha accounts, all of which are ours, simultaneously?

Yes or no.

That is the correct answer.

YOU claim something is forbidden, YOU have to back that claim. Not me.
I also already answered this question of yours, though I do not have to, by stating he was thinking of children.
If you read the EULA correctly you’ll understand what I mean.

Thats not a correct answer to the question.

Another options:
-Mine actively and be pre-aligned, check killboard of your region for miner gankers and tag them + CODE. and goons. If you see anyone red in your sector dock immediately.
-Also, try mine on farthest belt from gate so you will have more time to warp away when they come.
-Orbit, yes even in barge. This really screws catalysts, especially if the pilots are -10 - they cannot approach for longer time.
-Spawn concord on your belt using alt that will shoot your barge in rookie ship. It is not 100% protection but will certainly help. Either they have to bring 1 more ship, or they have to pull it away in which case you should notice before they come even if you mine semi-afk.

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It is. You should give it a try even :slight_smile:
Not just to have some fun, but to learn the mechanics involved.

It’s as easy as the target makes it.
It’s still hard because of all the outside factors.

It already does have consequences:
Ship loss
Sec status loss
No insurance
And the list goes on and on

That is a possibility. But this is what I love about these threads. Very infrequently people actually look through the kill boards. Most procurer kills occur with only moderate tank on a very tankable ship. And tankable for not that more than fitting for yield. So your entire hypothesis is at best weak. Most likely it is flat out wrong.

Assuming they mine the same amount of time sure. But my point is that being the harder target will result in the yield fit being the preferred target.

You are free to disagree and pursue another strategy but the point remains

  1. There few procurer ganks on zkill.
  2. Of those ganked few have a tank over 80,000 EHP.

So my conclusion is that tanking a procurer is a sound strategy.

You…you got nothing but an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

I never claimed that a tanked procurers can’t be ganked. Minier ganking usually focuses on soft targets like retrievers. Look through retriever losses and you see lots of ganks. Hmmmm…why don’t you tell me why that could be?

And yet we see few procurer and skiff kills, especially when tanked.

There’s no scram on that procurer.
I’m so confused.

Why is there no scram on that procurer?
And why is there a bulkhead instead of a Drone Damage amp?
How are you going to remove gankers like kebab if you don’t have drone damage and scrams?

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