Game drops every 10 minutes

It just seems so unstable since the last patch, many times it gets hung up so nothing will happen then suddenly it does, usually when it hangs it has a 50/50 chance of dropping when it does hang.

I was running 64 bit but then tried 32 bit, made no difference, I’d say it definitely has something to do with the graphics, my processor and memory are more then enough but my graphics are shared (need an upgrade for a dedicated gaming graphics card).

I sometimes see something similar (though without the disconnects) under the more recent 32-bit clients when running 2 clients simultaneously - I get a drop of FPS on both from my usual 50-60 to 10 or less. Looking at the nvidia settings software I see the graphics memory usage at >100%. Stopping one client doesn’t fix it, I have to stop both and restart the launcher to get back to ‘normality’. This is on Linux, but I suspect your problem may be the graphics card, and that the more recent 32-bit clients give graphics more of a hammering than they used to.

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