Framerate Drops/Lockups Singe Client

I have severe framerate drops and multisecond (up to 20 seconds so far) lockups. I am using windows 10, Nvidia GTX 960 2GB, 16GB RAM. I did notice that during the fps drops and lockups the Disk Usage hit 100%(or near). It seems to happen most often during session change (dock/undock, jumping) and warping. This is the only game I am currently having an issues with. I cannot seem to track down the cause. I have an open ticket but am hoping maybe someone here has an idea on what to try to fix it since running FW or low/null ratting is not fun when you warp to a site only to lockup for multiple seconds and come back to no shields and half armor gone. I have a loglite file but cannot get it to upload as its not in jpeg.