Game immersion - better perspective on the size of the ship

I’m a relatively new player and through my year of playing EVE I noticed no matter the size of the ship you are playing, you always get the same visual perspective on it. Most players don’t really care or notice it, but I myself always wanted to see my ship (or any other ship) be represented for what it is regarding its bulk size and it is really not presented properly with Orbit Camera view. I think they should change the way that option works so it does not just spin around in exact circular motion, but zooms and pans when reaching ship’s broadside, or any elongation of the form. As for now, the center of rotation in EVE is in the center of the ship and will always rotate on the same distance for all angles. To give you a better description, I played World of Warships for 7 years now and love the visuals how the camera approaches the ship and zooms into it while passing by it. I recorded the sample: 2023-12-13 19-32-02.mkv - VEED (sorry for bad framerate) It would actually lose the “elliptical” motion as you zoom out further since the ship eventually becomes smaller and not noticeable, but for the closeup, I think you can really receive a more cinematic view on the ship and appreciate its size and detail.
For those wondering will it impact the gameplay, absolutely not in my opinion. HC players already use Tactical Camera perspective for the majority of the time and this only affects the view when the camera is very close to the ship. Smaller ships are, well, very small, so frigates and such will still be rotated around as usual without any noticeable change (since they’re up to 100m long), but cruisers and capital ships will be magnificent with this change if you ask me. I’d just like to admire the vessel I’m operating.