Game pay out frequency?

How does the game determine when to pay out for non-market events like bounties for rats, playing PD etc?

Is it when the isk amount reaches a certain level?
Is it every x-minutes whatever you have earned it paid?
Something else?


You get payed ever 20 minutes.


Accrued income events like PD and bounties start a timer, and 20 minutes after the first accrual everything outstanding is delivered and it starts over. income tick timing is individual - that is, the ticks count down per-character, not game-wide, so characters ratting together may receive payouts at different times depending on when their first accrual event occurred (such as someone joining late, or a player who is doing PD on one account while in transit to the ratting system).

Edit to add: individual timing also means that if two characters working together do end up out of sync on their payout times, they may also see different payout amounts on a per-packet basis as what went to packet A for character 1 may be split across packets A and B for character 2.


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