Game says i was killed 2 times 3 days ago

game says i was killed 2 times 3 days ago
on ship probe with scan fit
i hate scanning i never do it

last week i spent in catalist with salvagers, cleaning garbage after supercariers
far away from the place i was allegely “killed 2 times”

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Less mind altering substances? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is definitely an interesting fit…

Does it matter?

Maybe someone Delivered the ship to you in a citadel. Then the citadel was later unanchored or destroyed, which caused the ship to pop out and get killed. Either way, who cares?

Maybe your account was hacked.

Maybe your mother is playing on your account.

Maybe you hit your head and cant remember anything.

now i remember…
i found 2 empty ships in the space about month ago

i boarded them,
nothing interesting,
i left

someone fond them and killed


Thanks for posting that, at least it’s not a bug.

Yeah, I once got a lossmail while in warp. Took me a second to realize that it was for a ship I had abandoned a few days prior.

That’s nothing new actually. I recall seeing that years ago.

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