Game Too Buggy = CCP Lost Another Omega Player

I will not play this game as seriously as I thought I would by buying Omega Time and PLEX.

I bought 500 PLEX yesterday, tried to sell it and some bug happened when I tried to sell it while it said I did not have enough to cover Broker Fees. Nothing got sold but the game now shows 0 PLEX as if it was sold but I didn’t get the isk and there is nothing in Financial Transactions.

I am not upset about the €24,99. I am upset that this game bugs so much that it can erase 500 PLEX from my account.
If I cannot trust the game’s financial transactions system then I cannot trust it when I want to pay the Omega subscription or as is the case now for PLEX buying.

I am not going to bother opening a ticket. From what I read all over this forum the customer service has gone on permanent vacation. I don’t want this issue to poison my days. I will forget about losing the price of two fast-food meals and forget about being serious about some internet game.

I will play as an Alpha just to scratch the space itch and enjoy the art but CCP cannot count on my making any financial transaction to them anymore.

Sorry CCP.
Fix your game or lose money.
That’s the Capitalist way, isn’t it.

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This means you set up a sell order rather than selling to an existing buy order.

Because… it’s a sell order so the plex is in escrow but no one has bought it yet so you don’t have any isk yet.

I bet it didn’t happen as you said it did, just like the guy who said he still had a black screen while also stating he started warping, and the guy who said that because his PI was worth half he actually has to work twice as much to get half.


If that’s true then I will resume financial transactions as soon as my 500 PLEX are found.

Thank you for explaining.

go to “Finance” - “Market orders” there should be a order with your plex,
if you cancel it. the plex will be back in your account.

but you won’t get the brokers fee back as they already did the job.

if you want to sell to the best offer just make sure you select “Immideatly” then it will just sell the plex to the best offer.

those were quite entertaining :wink:

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Open market window, then click Orders button top right. I bet it shows up there.

There is nothing in “Finance” - “Market orders”

I canceled because I didn’t have the 75misk broker fees and the PLEX isn’t in back in my account.

They didn’t get the broker fees because I couldn’t pay it.

I didn’t use “Immediately” because I would’ve lost 1b isk.

Thank you for your reply.

I did.
It doesn’t.


Can you make a print screen of you wallet window, transactions tab?

the Plex is probably in your Item hanger now instead of the Plex vault.
dooublecheck on that real quick, if you not at the location you sold it at, you can use “Personal assets” to find it.

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Good point.

I am not lying. If I say there is nothing that really means there is nothing.
If you think I am lying then there is no point of you pursuing this topic.

Thank you for visit.

It isn’t. But I will check again today. It could be back by some miracle just like it disappeared yesterday.

I will when I get back home today.

Ok so you’re just making stuff up then. Got it and blocked.

Thank you for your candor.

damm are you 13 or what? a screenshoot would have shown the whereabouts, and would have made it more easy for @Aisha Katalen to actually help you.

well your initial post already made it clear that you are just here to ■■■■■ about your incompetence and not really interested/need/want any help…

so have a good one :wink:

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Judging by how fast she was willing to call me a liar and block me, I very much doubt she wanted to help.

I guess you’re not here to help either.

Thank you for stopping by.

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I will provide screenshots of the relevant windows asked by the doubters when I get home.
I don’t know which is worse, loosing 500 PLEX or being called a liar… I must say that latter feels worse.
As I already said, I lost the price of a couple of fast-food meals but CCP lost any future financial transactions from me until those 500 PLEX are found.

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I’d still advise to file a support ticket (F12) if you don’t find those PLEX, in the interest of any other players. The chance for a glitch is small but not zero.

Check every possible location, even including redeem window, ship cargos, item hangars, plex division, wallet.

Those plex will be found, it’s in ccp’s interest that they are found …
good luck

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I don’t feel like stretching the issue longer than I can stand but I may. Right now I’m just resigned to having lost the PLEX and will take it as good lesson learned.

I checked yesterday but I will do it again, including all the other locations you have mentioned.

That’s what I figured.
I am waiting to contact a corporation willing to take me in but if I will not be Omega then I don’t see the point.

Thanks for your post.

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Not much more i can add but hope you find it.

When ppl are mad or aggravated they dont see a whole picture in front of them. Having a 2nd set of eyes look where you looked can help