Gankers do not make EVE a better place

This is neither here nor there, but I used the Astero mainly for the appearance. If I can afford to lose it then I just fly whatever I like, practicality be damned. That was basically the theme of my Eve career. Doing whatever I felt like, whether it was efficient or not. Many times I was quizzically asked “Why are you doing it that way? It would be better to X”, and I would reply “Because this way is more fun for me.”

I don’t debate your wisdom on the subject, but there is some entertainment value in being judiciously unwise if one is adult enough to laugh off the inevitable moment it all goes wrong.


Why would anyone want EVE to be “a better place”?
Make it sound like a gated sea-side community for the retirees. If I want to play a game where it’s “a better place” I play Farming Simulator.
EVE isn’t “a better place” and never was. It’s a warzone where anything goes and anything can happen and where if you are not the shark you’re the shark’s food. It’s been fine like that for 20 years.

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I completely agree with what you are saying. But the difference between you and Bluna Wars is you seem aware of the situation. You’re aware you are putting an expensive ship up for death; Bluna is upset because they lost a badly fit exploration Astero in null sec to a bubble.

You fly what you want to fly, I endorse that behavior. I don’t endorse coming onto the forums and complaining about how someone got ganked because they used a suboptimal ship for the situation.


A day without gankers would be like a day without sunshine.


The super duper hilarious thing here for those defending the gankers is very simple.

Goonswarm has proven multiple times throughout the years that the easiest way to kill this game, and force 1000s of players to leave while simultaneously inflating the price of literally everything in EvE by 100s of Millions of Isk…

Is to Flood Highsec with Gankers.

We shut down entire Empires, and Caused 10,000 Players to leave EvE forever in the space of 3 months during The ice wars in Galentee Highsec. It took the game over 4 years to recover (Industry and Market wise) and even today that event is one of the main reasons Prices are currently as high as they are, still.

So while yes, I was exaggerating with that post, the fact remains that the spirit of the post is 100% accurate. Ganking in highsec is not Good for EvE as a Game when there is no real safety net hardcoded to stop the exploiters and abusers of the Current loopholes.

Is it a part of EvE that should stay, Yes. Should it have Serious consequences which it currently does not? Yes.

And if your Reasoning, is “If highsec was too safe no one would ever leave!”

Why do you care how someone else plays the game? When it does not effect YOUR ability to play? Sure it effects your ability to terrorize and Troll people who simply want to be left alone, that’s true. But lets be real… No sane person will defend that kind of behavior in what is supposed to be “Lawful Civilized Space”.


Source material required.

Ah yes the “spirit” of the post. I think you mean “passing off an opinion wrapped up in an thin veneer of an exaggerated fabricated data set.”

Besides, ganking in null sec is vitally important because of the the RMT botting that runs ramped there. Thank you for doing your part and helping to bring that to an end.


why is playing the game not good for the game?

A fun mechanic could be to base concord responstime on the attacked player’s security status…
So, if you are really good friends with concord - you could arrive faster… if you’re not so good friends, concord will delay their response…
That could be fun for both parts of the “gank” in my eyes :smiley:

Well said.
I agree with you :100:% but it’s not gonna happen.

Better forget EVE as a game altogether

it isn’t a game, it’s purely an online money-printing machine and everything is tweaked to make you lose so you buy more things that make them money.
That sort of money-making scam isn’t new in the gaming industry.

I was notified of a comment i received weeks or months ago, i dont know why i didn’t see it but now i want to keep this thread alive.

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Some people are just evil human beings who want to knock over your sandcastle and ruin your day. Am I supposed to be outraged?

Now I fell for it thanks @F3ND1MUS :laughing:

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