Ganking has gone too far

(Letharu Polsteree) #919

Codey, do you make sense, like ever?

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #920

Preys don’t need to understand their predators, they just need to be eaten.

(Clockwork Robot) #921

Unless of course… They all leave…

(Dom Arkaral) #922

Even amongst predators there are prey :wink:

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #923

Oh, really? gimme some examples where and when it happened please…

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #924

There’s always a bigger fish.

(Galaxy Pig) #925

This kind of stuff right here is why you get treated like a carebear on these forums.

(Galaxy Pig) #926

I can help you, first;

Look at the CODE. killboard.
Observe the Goon/imperium kills therein.
Realize that the goons/imperium run Burn Jita and are “predators” that have been “preyed” upon.
Realize that people who fly in gank fleets also have logistics alts that fly freighters and occasionally get ganked (though usually not, because they understand how EXTREMELY easy it is to avoid).
Realize that the russians gank sometimes.
Realize that PH ganks sometimes.
and finally;
Realize how short-sighted you’ve been.

(Old Pervert) #927

Everyone loses to someone. There’s a reason that the only way to win Eve is to not play.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #928

Ok, fresh start:

And you give me this:

Are you ok?

(Galaxy Pig) #929

Lol no, if I’m honest. Just got up, :rofl:

I misunderstood, I retract, I apologize.

What can I say, foruming is hard… :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Clockwork Robot) #930

If you say so, G.P. I gotta ask though… Do you suppose my boss might fire me, or my landlady evict me, if they found out that I

Or will I lose my security clearance? Geez. That would really suck… I worked hard for that.

I guess I should try to keep it under wraps that I

Because the myriad, tangible consequences of

Are frankly horrifying.

(Clockwork Robot) #931

You’re coming at me with hostility right out of the gate there buddy. I didn’t say that it was necessarily going to happen, nor that I wanted it to.

I’m not one of the bigger fish you speak of. I barely rate as a tiny fish, ask Galaxy Pig. I just try to keep up with the narrative that I’m seeing. There hasn’t been one lately, but I remember there being a glut of threads discussing why this game seems to have a problem retaining players.

Guy, I have a hard time believing that folks will want to continue logging in to be fish for you to shoot in a barrel. But if you tell me that I’m wrong, and that’s exactly what’s happening, I’ll be the first to admit that I was incorrect.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #932


(Galaxy Pig) #933

This is the defeatist attitude that is the hallmark of the carebear. Jus’ sayin’. If you’re really in the military, honestly you should have more pride than this.

(Clockwork Robot) #934


(Daichi Yamato) #935

And yet here we are.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #936

People have done this consistently for 15 years. People don’t leave because they are killed, people leave because they are bored. That’s not the same thing.

(Aiko Danuja) #937

EVE would be boring without danger. The New Order government is dangerous, because it enforces the law with swift and decisive punishment. People enjoy playing the villain, and they like to see what dastardly crimes they can get away with. The New Order is always there to provide justice, forcing miners to go back to square 1 and try to figure out how they can smuggle more ore.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #938

Yeah you’re right but how does one fight back against suicide gank ships? Suicide their tornado with your own tornado? Boring. Theres no fun counter it’s just learn to hide better scrub.

They should just make safety red in hs require a corp structure. Atm suicide ganking is one of the most risk averse gameplay. Inb4 wah I have to defend something from ships that aren’t transports.