Ganking has gone too far

(Jonah Gravenstein) #1142

A comedy white hat, whose only redeeming quality is that he stands out as an idiot everywhere, even at an idiot convention.

(Black Pedro) #1143

I think it is pretty clear from the alliance logo what it would be:

(Aiko Danuja) #1144

Well, first, let me clarify that we are not roleplaying. Everybody in CODE actually believes that James is the saviour of high-sec, and that the miners are bot aspirants who must be purged with fire, in order to teach them an important life lesson. So if we are an in-game cult, let me assure you that we are also a cult in real life. I am glad to hear that you only roleplay as an anti-CODE activist, and your real life adult self recognizes the inalienable legitimacy of James as the High King of New Halaima and Archbishop of Kamio.

I would also like to point out that I am hardly the “most dedicated CODE. fanatic in the game.” I am just a humble servant, and a mere blade of His sword called JUSTICE. Were I asked to direct you toward a more dedicated disciple, I would point you in the direction of Lewak.

Now then, CODE. should most certainly have it’s own SKIN design. I believe that a black/orange/white design would be appropriate, and with high resolution graphics you should be able to see such stenciled phrases as “PUBLIC SAFETY”, “BORDER PATROL”, and “Friends don’t let friends mine without a permit!” Our fireworks would naturally create the alliance logo. Unlike other fireworks, they would not fade away, but permanently grace visitors with the very visage of James, always!

(Clockwork Robot) #1145

Christ, you never get tired of talking to yourselves do you?

(Jonah Gravenstein) #1146

(Octavech Raholan) #1147

“and your real life adult self recognizes the inalienable legitimacy of James as the High King of New Halaima and Archbishop of Kamio.”
Nope I see only players, that is all.
And I do hate fascists in real life and that also does make me roleplay as anti code freedom fighter in eve, which makes me one in real life as well.
And permanent fireworks, that is sansha talk idiocy right there

If you are serious not being roleplaying… one of your fellow cultists accused me once of being to absorbed in just a game and i should be focused more in real life
You seem to be the one suffering from that problem yourself.

(Aiko Danuja) #1148

We are not fascists, that is where you are confused.

We are simple public servants, dedicated to preserving the asteroid belts so that future generations may enjoy the high security zone.

(Octavech Raholan) #1149

“Our flaws and faults, these near-indelible errors pervading throughout human history, they can all be removed. Together, as one, we can overcome the enemy within.”

  • Sansha Kuvakei

As you see all tyrants have a way to justify themselves.
Your preserving future argument is no better.

(Octavech Raholan) #1150

I suppose it was a mistake to try reasoning with her after all.

(Rico Erata) #1151

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have an issue with Ganking in general, but I’d like to see more of a penalty on the Ganker.

Alot of gankers are using HS Alts trained specifically for the purpose and supply isk from their mains for the purpose. I’d like to see more of a penality on the character for participating in successful ganking.

There needs to be more of a risk for the character carrying out the gank.

(Octavech Raholan) #1152

Thank you for returning this post to its main point.

(Aiko Danuja) #1153

I mean, are non-gankers really experts on ganking? What makes you guys think you have any clue about who is an alt, who is a main, or how we fund our business operation?

(Black Pedro) #1154

What greater risk could there be than 100% losing your ship, and very quickly losing your CONCORD protection?

(Aiko Danuja) #1155

Without us, carebears would face no risk in high-sec, so it’s a good thing we are here to help cull the herd. This is sacred work!

(Octavech Raholan) #1156

Tell me.
Why is being a carebear wrong in the first place?

(Aiko Danuja) #1157

Because they tried to scam Professor Coldheart and Auntie Freeze out of 10 million isk.

(Octavech Raholan) #1158


(Galaxy Pig) #1159

Interesting… So you actually have no problem with what we do, but rather what we say while doing it? :thinking:

(Solstice Projekt) #1160

Would you prefer if I sent all my gank victims a mail telling them that I’m conforming with your made up rules and that it means you’re allowing me to gank? I’ll make sure to have your name linked in the mail, too, so they can contact you and ask you for additional information.

We could call it “Octavech Raholan’s Guide to Ethic Ganking” or something.

I’m sure they’ll all appreciate it!

(Solstice Projekt) #1161

That’s supposed to be the job of the other players. Don’t ask ■■■■■■■ Big Brother to take care of ■■■■ you should be able to deal with yourself. There’s plenty of players out there trying to catch me at gates and some even use combat probes (which is hilarious), when they see me bouncing around on grid. They’re doing it right!

Why don’t you?