Ganking has gone too far

(Octavech Raholan) #1162

And also you will be subjected to efforts to counteract them, including myself.
I am against ganking itself before I am against CODE.
All I am saying is that gank happens and that does not mean I defend ganking.

(Octavech Raholan) #1163

Have I ever defended ganking?
I am against ganking itslef but what I said in that fellows post is that I am aware it happens and he is free to do so as much as i am free to fight against it.
Every single players of the game is free to do whatever they want as long as it does not violate CCP terms.
Even you are free to follow your own code of might makes right philosophy in Eve as much I am free to renounce it.

What you are suggesting is a slander campaign and although I am aware that Eve itself is extremely generous in player to player hostility, I am afraid that would be moving it too far even in eve standards.
If an alliance operating in beginner-heavy highsec is proven capable of isolating a single player by misrepresenting what he or she said, that will be cause quite a controversy.

Besides despite your often occuring accusation of some people being easily offended you seem pretty agitated yourself.

Eve is a game and CODE. and ganking is all content.
As I mentioned before the only thing I thank CODE. is they provided me with an enemy I can fight throughout my gameplay.

(Octavech Raholan) #1164

Well for one thing I am once again enlightened that it is better to argue with a wall than posting here.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #1165

Most miners are quite dense and have wall-like IQs. Which is why void ammo is the preferred of notifying a miner of a CODE violation. It tends to work better to get their attention.

(Galaxy Pig) #1166

You’re an odd duck. I don’t believe you’ve worked out what your thoughts are enough to communicate them to us here.

Thanks for your time.

(Nyssa LSG) #1167

@Galaxy Pig
When ganking is all content then the game is empty and already collapsed …

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #1168

Exactly, we are 3 people left, multiboxing everyone in New Eden, you are right, it’s dead and you don’t have to come back anymore.

(Nyssa LSG) #1169

I just want value for money I spend on this game. Or want someone to take ownership for all that BS in game.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #1170

No you won’t, they are scamming you, Jita level, run with they little sanity you have left.

(Galaxy Pig) #1171

Shrug, I wouldn’t know about all that. Ganking has always been all my content.

(Octavech Raholan) #1172

And thus, you are empty.
You are desperately trying to deny your emptyness by abiding to your cult and mindlessly following your so called savior.
Stop deluding yourself!
Break your own chains and come back to the radiance of freedom!

I mimicked the pattern what you guys often claim.
Was it accurate?

(Galaxy Pig) #1173

My emptiness, I deny it so! :avocado:

(Xan Staraider) #1174


(Jonah Gravenstein) #1175

There are varying degrees of empty.