Garbage Guardians

Have you ever strolled around Black Rise, flown into Tama, and look around a combat point? Have you ever noticed the wrecks and thought “Wow. People should pick up their trash and throw it away.”

Join the Garbage Guardians! We are New Eden’s trash monkeys, picking up what people leave behind. Our services include clearing out wrecks and clearing out people who don’t pick up after themselves.

Rules are pretty simple. Don’t be a jerk, don’t steal things, clean trash quickly and professionally, and train ECM skills.

Our Services
As stated before, we pick up after people who don’t pick up after themselves. We will gladly pick up everyone’s junk, and pick up the producer! Join us as we explore the skies of New Eden and make sure that everyone picks up their garbage, and punish those who don’t with a swarm of drones!

Ship Replacement
Pretty simple. Lose your trash toter, we’ll replace it. Just send the zKillboard over our Discord server and we’ll reimburse you, up to 1M per hull.

Picked up a ton of trash? Don’t want to fly to Jita or whatever? Consider donating some stuff! We need money for offices and stuff, so consider sharing your gold!

Just look up Garbage Guardians or hook up Donald Dank. Send an invite, and we’ll be with you within a few days.

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