Gas combat site spawns?

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Recently I’ve been preparing to begin combat booster production and 1 of the things I’m trying to get a hold of is the Booster BPCs. Most, if not all of the information available regarding booster production is obscenely outdated or incomplete, including the nature of the combat site spawns. I’ve gone to the hotspot constellation for the gas I’m mining and I’ve just scanned the entire constellation without a single site related to gas production except for the actual gas clouds. to date I’ve only found 1 instance of a gas combat site but it was too hard for what I am able to field in that area. I was under the impression that a gas combat site is guaranteed to spawn in its hotspot constellation and that upon being completed it will instantly re spawn in the constellation elsewhere. If this is still true there is no reason for me to have not found one today.
What are the new gas combat site names in null, what is the spawn/respawn rate, and are they guaranteed to spawn in the hotspot constellation?

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Given I run and internally I think we have the largest resources dedicated to combat booster production you may want to get in touch. If this is the path you want to go down we can help, and we are always looking for new faces.

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