Gas Site Respawn

Does anyone know the frequency of gas sites respawning? Is it at downtime, or will it respawn at some time interval in the same constellation like relic sites?

IE a gas site is all harvested out and looking for another one quick.

No one really knows.

Probably, they respawn near instantly in the same spawn zone like relic sites - either in the specific gas site constellation., or region. But I doubt anyone can tell you for sure.

I’ve done a lot of hisec/lowsec huffing, can’t be sure but my impression is that a site will respawn straight away but anywhere within that gas’ specific region which could be 10s of constellations. This could mean a finished hisec site will respawn in lowsec or the other way round.

I’ve noticed that over a weekend as hisec sites get harvested quickly more accumulate in low, then during the week as these get huffed or despawn they start reapppearing in hisec. So if you want myko then Tue/Wed/Thur & early Fri seem to be the best days.

In the end you have to put in the scanning time, but knowledge of the gas regions helps a lot.

My understanding is that any cosmic anomaly (ice belts are an exception) or signature will re-spawn randomly within the same region “immediately”. Wormholes are grouped into regions based on their Class type, so for example all C type wormholes are in the same region (you can see this via show info on J-systems). I believe it is by region and not by constellation, although I could well be wrong.

Here is an archived EVE Online forum post on the subject.

I hope it helps.

Ice belts will respawn 4 hours after they have been despawned, or after downtime, whichever comes first, and within the same system (I include this info for completeness, not particular to the OP’s question).

i believe gas sites have hot spots. certain types of gas only spawn in specific constellations from what im finding when i research it. not sure if that is the case.

Not quite, the named constellations are where the gas sites are centered on, sites can appear in other constellations around that primary one. For example Vermillion can be found all over Heimatar, similarly Lime can be found all over Derelik.

Afik, hotspot constellations guarantee at lest one site present in them all the time. While other sites can spawn all over the region.

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