Gas Combat Sites or Besieged Covert Research Facility

Are the chemical labs with level IV scan strength more or less profitable than the Besieged Covert Reasearch Facility? My guess is that it depends on the booster market, but if one of the two sites is at least three times as valuable as the other right now, then even large fluctuations in the market won’t change which makes more unless the loot table changes. Assume that the time required to scan down the chemical lab and then switch to a combat ship is 0 seconds, which it isn’t, but it makes things easier to count.


It’s two different sites and different content comparing them feels simply dumb.
Anyway, you are just looking at the isk. So pull loot tables and run them thru appraisal

from past threads, it seems that besieged sites drop about 30m in loot. i’ve never run them myself, though.

the lvl 4 gas sites tend to drop 3-4 drug bpcs that are worth 10-15m each. you may also find a few skillbooks worth 5-10m each. the site doesn’t need to be cleared of rats. as long as you can tank them, you can just hack the cans and warp away. the site can be hacked in under 5 mins.

so imo, the lvl 4 gas sites are better and less risky than the besieged ones.

I couldn’t find the loot tables of the gas sites. IIRC one guide “helpfully” mentioned 1-4 drug BPCs “depending on the site” which isn’t exactly helpful. Knowing the frequency of each drop (is it 75% 3 BPCs, 10% 4 BPCs, and 15 % less than 3? I had no idea until @Kaivarian_Coste helped me out) helps determine that.

So it seems that on the low end, the BPCs get the same amount as the besieged sites, but if the BPC is worth 15m, then this alone is worth more. Then there are some skill books.

So thank you guys, it seems the level 4 gas sites are more lucrative.

The chemical labs will have drug production blueprints.
back in the day, that was the only way to get them.
They also are the only source for the skills that reduce the chance and impact of negative drug effects, which can vary from 100m-600m depending on market conditions. that ones’ a rare drop though.

The besieged sites are a bit harder (combat wise), and you will definately want a battleship to clear them. They are also a bit more dangerous as its an anomoly that anybody can warp to, where as hostiles will need to scan down either you or the site in order to get you. The ships in the besieged site will point you at 100km, so, fair warning. With the current market and industry environment, the besieged should give on average better isk, and has spawns closer to gether for easier for a marauder to clear them easily.

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Is there other place you can get them now?

unfortunately the price of these skillbooks have crashed to 5-15m. bots have been running these gas combat sites for the last year or two. :frowning:

What about the BPCs? Are they still worth 5-10 mill?

yeah. the cans usually drop the “standard booster” BPC, like Standard X-Instinct Booster Blueprint or Standard Drop Booster Blueprint. at least in low sec.

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