Gas harvesting, and the Two Click Death

This… Is a big topic to cover. I will do my best to make it short, and givin the nature I will do my best to not rant about it. None the less. I do not intend for this to sound like a attack. so do not take it as such.

First, lets cover who I am. And what I do as a eve capsuleer. I am a man of many, gas has all ways been one of my biggest incomes as a eve pilot. I’ve all ways used many pilots to harvest gas sights. Before I started ninja harvesting, I lived in a hole. Now, I do not. This will make more sense later.

Now for what I started doing, and what I’m doing now.
When I started I was dragged into a wormhole group, and shown how to make isk. Instantly, light bulb. As many turn to in mining… More alts right? Eh. Up untel I said no more to J space I was only running 4 accounts. this meant I could haply role my home static and scan, trigger rat spawns then return to clear the rats, and then slowly harvest the gas.
Now how ever, I’m left at a EXTREME disadvantage. Seance I have left J space, I’ve resorted to whats formally know as “ninja harvesting” Meaning I’m running up to 10 different accounts and often dragging some buds along with. I’m hoping most of you know what that is, but in case you don’t, basically:
The second to initiate warp to a gas sight, a 15 minute timer starts. You have, 15 minutes to harvest both gas clouds before the rats spawn. Now as I’ve said before, this wasnt really a issue before i left J space as I could reship, and clear them. But now, Not so much, And I’m sure many others are facing this issue.

Well whats the problem Alic? just go back home and reship!
Well, that’s half the issue. See, How i safely get my own wing, and who ever decides to come along with me, is with black ops. That’s right, I’m using a panther… To bridge the entire fleet to the wormhole entrance and back. And more often then not, the entry system is 15+ jumps away. making it a huge pain in the rear to do so.

That being said, I’m sure you are asking… What the problem even is…
Remeber when I brought up the fact the timer starts once you initiate the warp? Yea, I don’t mean… actually warp to it. All you have to do is INITIATE the warp, cancel it. then the timer starts. And there is the underlying issue. As of recently, a group known as no-narc has scouts IN eve scout (one of the biggest groups that scans out huge chains) going around and doing this to every gas sight they scan down. Wingspan as well. Now I’m not flaming ither group. Their decent people. But they know what they are doing.
This is concerning. Activitys like this kill groups that don’t have access to such things as other people with static holes and home systems right next door. This scares me. Not really because it effects my income. (it doesnt really, I can do other things) but this will WRECK any production that requires gas mats. Besides, I really enjoy gas harvesting. And Its not possible if 1 person is single-handedly able to stop that, without ever even being on grid or even in system at the same time. To me, This is wildly unfair to new bros that resort to this as a high end income, and vets like me that enjoy these types of activities. In the end, This mechanic favors a small group of people and cuts out the rest. And if you asked me…

No one should be able to hit 2 buttons, and prevent anyone from making money, without ever risking anything.

If you are still reading, thank you. hopefully you can relate, or know someone that can.

Now I’m going to go over how I think it should be fixed, and keep in mind… these are just my ideas. some may be biased, but I’m not trying to make it as such. None of these are ordered in any special way. just wrote as I thought.

  1. Sticking with the mech, But making the timer start after a gas harvester mod has been applied to the could

  2. Sticking with the mech, But making the rats despawn, after a hour or so.

  3. Compleatly change the mech, Making rats spawn like they do in belts. Random. Small. ect

  4. Combination of 1, But using a different timer from initiating the warp. Making the sight die and respawn elseware after a amount of time.

All this being said, and I’ve said it before… Sure…
I can do anything else other then gas harvesting. Yes I could. But nothing else says money and PvP like running a op to scan out a region of nullsec, harvesting the gas then using the chains to find targets.

Should you know any CCP dev that would actually put some thought into this issue, please. Tag them in this post! I’m fairly new here… to the forums anyways.

That’s all I have to cover, thanks for the read… Take care. o7

So you are running 4 accounts and can’t deal with gas sites NPC’s? Maybe gas in WH is not for you? Many sites in null or low don’t have rats. Consider moving your isk grinding activity.

It’s player agency. Same as cherry picking hacking sites. I can effectively disturb someone without camping their space 24/7. Have problem with it? Have better security in your hole.

Nothing stops them from taking mobile depot and slap gas harvester. Starting all sites and go away. Require bit of extra effort but in the end changes nothing.

Very exploitable. Making NPC’s totally useless as anyone with hole control will just wait them out.

So you won’t be able to ninja harvest? Shooting in your own leg?

Again, kind of exploitable. Sites will pile up in inactive wh in same region/constellation. Also gives ability to actually remove gas sites from someone space. Rather than just forcing them to just use combat ships.

All that needs to happen is to prevent people from easly walling off access.

Persinal issue with this is it slows me down. but iv adapted for it. But givin that most of these gasses that hit the market are from newbros diving… most dont have the ability to do so. And no-narc knows that.

I realize the ideocrecy of this post and the issue im trying to highlight, and the fact it makes me look like im complaining i have to clear rats to mine omg i have to rat to mine yea normal i get that. But at the time of the post i thought that the majority of the gas that hits the market was coming from the new bros that dive frome highsec… (just bassed of the shear number of different people filling my gas buy orders) That being said. This group still knows about this mech, and is activly using it to prevent or atleast reduce the amount of people that can harvest these sights… thats all i really wanted to cover.

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Have you looked into jedi huffing?

Never done it myself, but I heard that is a thing to continue huffing in the right fit even after NPCs have spawned.

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Why every time, literally every time when someone want to push some change and it start’s to fail. New players are argument?

Just use your panther to clear the site lmao, also why are you bridging using a panther? Just scan WHs in HS, you’ll find one in no time

Yea exactly. It’s a personal problem. And what is your data that this is a newbro activity? When I lived in WH space we huffed lots of gas and nobody was a newbro. I used to do this on purpose to pre-spawn the rats so we could clear all the sites before grabbing our ventures.

IMO working as intended.

The issue is a small one, although annoying (your solution #3 would even be more annoying). Nothing a correctly fitted combat ship can’t solve for you (one of your alts instead of having him huff gas).
I’ve come across gas sites where the spawns had been killed already (and of course leaving the less pricey gas cloud intact), but many where the spawns were indeed triggered. I don’t really like it if mechanisms are used to annoy people, but again, there’s an easy work around unless you’re an unsuspecting alpha player. No idea why they designed it the way they did, unless they were hoping for juicy kill mails when someone attempts to clean the site but is actually landing in a player made trap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of any of your solutions I’d go for #2 (letting the npc’s go back where they came from after a time of no one initiating warp, resetting the spawn timer entirely).

The only reset that I’ve come across - and I could be wrong - was downtime. Same site, npc’s no longer there, timer back at 15-20 min. That was on the test server, so it may not be normal behaviour.

I’d add a #5 possibility for the heck of it, that makes this type of npc’s in fullerite sites visible on dscan (like we already can with diamond rats and trigs). Doesn’t solve the issue itself, but at least lets one know there is an “npc problem”.

P.S. Why isn’t this in the suggestion part of the forums, more chance of being picked up there than here.

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This tbh, the rats are easy to kill and you don’t even need to kill them to huff the cloud

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